09 May 2023

Prepping For Your Wedding Hair

From choosing the perfect dress to finding the right venue, there are countless decisions that need to be made when planning a wedding. And one of the most important decisions that a bride will make is how she will wear her hair. Like everything else about the big day, it needs to be nothing short of perfect! But for those of us with thin hair or hair fall, it can be challenging to get the wedding hair we desire. Fortunately, with the right planning and preparation, we can still have stunning wedding hairstyles. So, here’s what you need to know.

Start Early

Wedding Planning


As we all know, planning a wedding takes time and effort, with nothing left to the last minute. And your wedding hair is no different. You should start planning your wedding hairstyle and hair care routine at least six months before your nuptials. This will give you the time to consider and explore different hairstyles, products and stylists, while getting your hair and scalp in the best possible condition. Whatever else you do, don’t ignore this. Leaving everything to the last moment will turn the stress dial up to 10. It’ll also increase the chances of a bridal hair disaster on the day!


Choose a Hair Stylist

Picking the right hair stylist is crucial for women with thin hair or hair fall. And again, get your ducks in a row, six months in advance. The stylist must have the skills and experience to create a hairstyle that’s right for your hair type and texture. Look for a hairstylist who has experience working with thin hair or hair loss. And before booking an appointment, schedule a consultation with them to discuss your hair type, wedding theme, and desired look.


Laying The Groundwork

Right at the outset, it’s essential to take care of your locks and the scalp they’re attached to. Establish and then stick to the right regimen to improve the overall health of your hair and stimulate hair growth.


On The Inside

Adopting and maintaining the right diet is very important. Eggs and lean meats will boost protein levels. Nuts, lentils and leafy greens will help attain a range of essentials your body needs. Meanwhile, great hair supplements are a must. Our Hair Capsules and Hair Gummies are packed with a blend of key hair vitamins such as Biotin, Niacin and Vitamin E and powered with the unique Anagain™ ingredient. Derived from the pea shoot, a recent clinical report revealed that AnaGain™ contributed to a 78% increase in hair growth in just three months. Taking two capsules or gummies a day can be a game changer for those suffering with thin hair or hair fall. And with results visible within 3-6 months, they're perfect if you’re starting to plan your wedding hair for the big day!


On The Outside

A great diet and our hair supplements will strengthen and nourish hair from the inside. But you need to get to work on the outside too. While thin hair can be caused by a variety of factors, often problems are caused or made worse by a scalp in poor condition. Healthy hair goes hand in hand with a healthy scalp. The key is to treat your scalp as you would the skin on your face. It needs to be moisturised and nourished, and the right hair mask can help make your scalp glow with health. Our Hair Mask is clinically formulated to simulate and hydrate the scalp. Leaving in for 10 minutes twice a week will help deliver strong results.  And don’t forget to use our brilliant new Hair Gain Scalp Foam. Designed for daily use, you can simply massage our water based foam directly onto the scalp to nourish and revitalise the skin and hair follicles.

Both products also contain the exclusive Anagain™ ingredient. Using them in tandem with our hair supplements, you’ll lay the groundwork for the beautiful wedding hair you desire. 


Be Gentle With Your Hair

While you’re following a routine that does all these good things to your locks both inside and out, make sure you eliminate anything that can damage that work. Avoid any products that contain harsh chemicals or sulphates and do not over-wash your hair. Lessen, or preferably eliminate, use of heat styling tools. All these practices are bad for your hair, removing moisture and essential oils, leaving hair dry and brittle. Towel-dry, or even better, air-dry your hair, and use our wide-tooth Hair Gain comb to effortlessly detangle knots and snags. And make sure your appointed stylist trims your locks regularly to dispose of those dreaded split ends.


A Word On Hair Extensions

You might be thinking of hair extensions - a popular way for women to add volume and length to their hair. Certainly, done with skill and high-quality materials, they can create the illusion of thicker hair. It’s easy to be tempted by them as a short-term fix. However, they can be very bad news for those of us with thin hair or hair loss. There are numerous ways extensions can be attached to natural hair. But their weight exerts pressure on the hair follicles, weakening them and causing them to fall out.


Choosing The Right Style

Wedding Hair Half Up Half Down Image

 A crucial step in getting a beautiful wedding hair style is to choose the correct one for your hair type. For women with thin hair or hair fall, think loose waves, half-up/half-down styles, messy buns and gentle braids. All can add that wonderful volume and texture you need. Keep it simple and avoid tight braids or styles requiring heavy styling. Chances are you’ll simply emphasize thin hair and damage your tresses, creating further problems.



 Hair accessories always add a burst of glamour and elegance to wedding hairstyles, complimenting your dress and your overall look. They can also be used to conceal thin hair or draw attention away from any problem areas. There are loads of options – headbands, tiaras, clips and combs amongst others - that can elevate any hairstyle into the beautiful category.


Final Thoughts

Those of us with thin hair or fall can still have the stunning wedding hair we all dream of. With the right routine, started in good time and maintained, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to make your special day one that you’ll always remember. And for all the right reasons!

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