A high-flying mother-of-two has told how her confidence was shattered when her hair fell out following the birth of her second child.

  • Kimberley Coke began losing large clumps of her hair in her morning shower following the birth of her child
  • The 35-year-old works as a restaurant concierge, booking tables for wealthy clients at some of the most famous restaurants in the world
  • She said: "Image is important in my job and I was really worried about returning to work with my hair so thin and lacklustre."
  • Celebrities who have recently suffered pregnancy-related hair loss include Abbey Clancy and Cheryl Cole;
  • Kimberley restored her hair by taking GROW by Hair Gain, a new supplement with a unique formula derived from organic pea shoots

A high-flying mother-of-two has told how her confidence was shattered when her hair fell out following the birth of her second child.

Kimberley Coke, 35, began to lose large clumps of her hair after she stopped breast-feeding her five-month-old son Jonah.

She would brush out large quantities of hair after her shower each morning and her hairline became noticeably thinner.

Kimberley works as a restaurant concierge in London, booking tables at some of the most famous restaurants in the world for wealthy clients.

Her hair loss happened just a few months before she was due to return to work - and she was worried how this would affect her self-confidence.

She said: "Image is important in my job.

"I am booking the very best restaurants in the world for elite clients. They are the kind of tables where there is a waiting list for months if you have not got the right connections.

"I am out all the time meeting clients and it is vital that I look my best.

"My hormones were all over the place after having Jonah, so to add hair loss into the equation so soon before I returned to work was an absolute nightmare. I was really worried about going back with my hair so thin and lacklustre."

Kimberley, of Apsley, Herts, began taking GROW by Hair Gain - a new supplement derived from organic pea shoots, which restores shine and vitality to hair and makes it visibly fuller and thicker in just one month.

She said: "I was prepared to try anything because I was so worried about my hair. I had always been very lucky with my hair before having Jonah.

"It has always been very full and thick and I have often got compliments about my lovely long, blonde hair.

"So to see it so thin particularly at the front, and to be greeted each morning with fresh clumps of it falling out after my shower, was very depressing.

"I started taking the supplements and within a month I could see the difference and after three months it was just like it was before my pregnancy. I was stunned at the difference and I could feel my self-confidence surging as I prepared to go back to work."

Kimberley had no problems with post-partum hair loss following the birth of her first child Finlay three years ago.

All seemed fine, too, after Jonah's birth in October last year - until she stopped breast feeding.

She said: "I know post-pregnancy hair loss is a big problem but I hadn't given it a thought before the recent problems. I had been fine with Finlay."

"I breast fed Jonah immediately after the birth but I wanted to switch him to a bottle in the months leading up to my return to work."

"As soon as I stopped breast feeding my hair began to fall out. At first it was quite slow and then great clumps were coming out in my brush after my shower in the morning."

"There was a hormonal change in my body after I stopped and this affected my hair."

"It wasn't just hair loss - my hair became thinner and lank. It lost all of its natural sparkle."

"I was struggling at the time to return to my pre-birth weight. When you add a return to work into that mix, it all adds up to a lot of stress. I wasn't in a good place."

Kimberley researched a range of remedies online before another mum recommended GROW by Hair Gain after it restored her hair’s strength and vitality following the birth of her son.

Kimberley explained: "My friend was a mother the same age as me with a baby son. Exactly the same thing had happened to her - she'd lost stacks of hair and her confidence was reduced to zero. "She is a health expert and found a supplement that could really make a difference. I am so lucky to have found a product which worked for me."

Kimberley's husband Jon, 35, director at a private school, is delighted her hair problems have been sorted.

She said: "Jon is a very supportive husband and obviously he was worried about me when my hair started falling out."

"He really encouraged me to be positive and pro-actively find a solution. He loves the fact that the old me is well and truly back."

A number of celebrities have spoken recently about their pregnancy-related hair loss.

Model Abbey Clancy, 32, wife of ex-England footballer Peter Crouch, began losing her hair while pregnant with her third child Johnny and she has continued to lose it since his birth in January. She said: "It does knock your confidence."

Cheryl Cole, 35, suffered post-partum hair loss following the birth of her son Bear in March 2017 and used supplements to help it to regrow. She said: "I had a bit of hair loss after pregnancy and supplements have really helped with that."

Around eight million women in the UK suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives - including 300,000 like Kimberley who have post-partum loss in the first five months after giving birth.

GROW by Hair Gain contains powerful phytonutrients which can deliver fuller, thicker hair in just one month for women suffering hair loss for a number of reasons - not just after pregnancy but due to stress, nutritional deficiencies, changes in metabolism and over-styling.

It is the only vegan, vegetarian and Halal approved hair growth supplement on the market.

GROW has been developed by a mum who went through the trauma of post-partum hair loss herself.

It has been scientifically formulated using vitamins, minerals, botanicals and aminos needed for healthy hair growth.

Now Kimberley cannot wait to return to work.

She said: "I love my boys to death but I have really missed the restaurant scene. It will be fab to return with my hair back to its best."

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