Hair Gain Christmas Gift Set

Give the gift of healthy hair this festive season with the Limited Edition Hair Gain Hair Mask & Comb Christmas Gift Set.

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This perfect stocking filler includes either the 50ml or 180ml sized luxurious, vegan Hair Gain Hair Mask to nourish your locks inside and out, plus our gorgeous, biodegradable wide-tooth Hair Gain comb to distribute the mask evenly throughout your hair.

Whether it’s lockdown stress-induced hair loss, hormonal or environmental, this set is perfect for those suffering from a dry scalp, thinning hair or hair loss and looking for a treatment that can nourish, hydrate and protect their locks and scalp. It’s ideal for those looking for thicker, fuller and glossier hair and is also great for those simply seeking princess-worthy tresses and the chance for a little “me time” along the way. 

So why not be their hair and scalp-care Santa this Christmas!

By deeply penetrating the hair cortex and nourishing the scalp, Hair Gain’s Hair Mask stimulates the specific signal molecules in the dermal papilla required to reactivate hair growth. It also hydrates and moisturises the hair from within, leading to stronger and healthier-looking hair with increased vitality and shine.

Use Hair Gain’s wide tooth comb to distribute the mask evenly from root to tip. Let the teeth massage the scalp, effortlessly detangle and glide through unruly locks.

Backed by trichologists, Hair Gain’s Hair Mask contains the brand’s signature ingredient AnaGain. Derived from organic pea shoots, it stimulates molecules within the hair follicle to kickstart healthy hair growth. The result? Hair that feels thicker, fuller and shinier from root to rip, reduced hair loss and a nurtured, revitalised scalp to promote ongoing healthy growth.

The intensely hydrating and luxurious mask also contains:
  • Panthenol, which functions as a powerful hair conditioning agent to improve shine and provide long-lasting moisture, as well as further thickening the hair and preventing damage
  • Natural Betaine, to strengthen and protect the hair while reducing frizz
  • Phytantriol, to hydrate and protect against heat damage, colour fade and split ends.
As with Hair Gain’s award-winning supplements, the mask is 100% vegan and is formulated without alcohol, silicon, sulphates or parabens. The multi-tasking mask indulges all the senses thanks to its delicious fragrance and rich, thick pea green texture. Just apply, sit back, relax and let Hair Gain get to work. Your hair, mind and senses will love you for it!

- Apply to clean, towel-dried hair
- Massage into the scalp and distribute evenly with the comb from root to tip
- Leave in for 10 minutes
- Relax and unwind while the mask gets to work
- Rinse off
- Use once or twice per week for best results