Helene Dean’s before and after photos are nothing short of remarkable and we couldn’t be happier for her.

51 year old hairdresser and make-up artist, Helene Dean, was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 15th of November 2019. Helene opted for Cold Cap Chemotherapy in efforts to save her hair in an already painful process. Unfortunately, this was not successful and she still ended up losing most of her hair as well as her eyebrows and eyelashes.
After starting Chemotherapy treatment in February 2020, she noticed her hair starting to fall out rapidly around the middle of March. After researching potential solutions a family member recommended Hair Gain. Before taking Hair Gain, Helene consulted with the nurses at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, to make sure it was safe to take alongside her cancer treatment, she was given the green light. Helene then embarked on her Hair Gain journey around mid-April 2020.
After 3 months of taking Hair Gain, Helene was certain that it had enhanced her hair journey. As a hairdresser, she knew that she had experienced extremely rapid growth. Not only this, but Helene also said that her hair had never been thicker and her eyelashes were longer than ever before!
Helene wrote to us to tell us of her amazing results:
"I would just like to tell you about the amazing results I’ve had from your supplements. I’ve recently had 4 months of Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer which inevitably caused my hair to fall out. I opted for the cold cap which can stop most of your hair from falling out but unfortunately it wasn’t successful for mine. I was pretty bald in most places in June & now after using Hair Gain for 4 months I have a great even head of hair. Thank you so so much x”

We spoke to Samantha Stewart, Trichologist at The Spencer Clinic of Trichology about the effects of Chemotherapy on hair and how taking Hair Gain can help:
"After chemotherapy, the hair will be very fragile and can remain so for up to 6 months. It can take up to 12 months for a full  recovery.
The growth rate can be a little slow as the hair begins its recovery journey. The benefits of taking a targeted supplement, such as Hair Gain, is that the product can help decrease the fragility of the hair and restore the hairs natural growth cycle. This scientifically proven formula targets specific molecules within the Dermal Papilla (the root of the hair follicle). This can aid the return to a normal hair growth cycle and help strengthen your hair from within. Always check with your Oncologist before starting supplements."
Samantha Stewart AIT, Consultant Trichologist, The Spencer Clinic of Trichology