11 Aug 2021

COVID-19 And Hair Loss – A Growing Problem

We all know the “classic” COVID-19 symptoms off by heart. A fever, fatigue, breathlessness, loss of smell and taste and a dry cough that just won’t quit. However, as time goes on and our knowledge of the virus becomes deeper, many other features of coronavirus are coming into sharp focus. One lesser-known symptom of COVID-19 is becoming particularly prominent: Hair loss.

Weeks and even months after recovering, many people are finding their hair is falling out, sometimes in large clumps, which can be extremely distressing.

Recent research published by the esteemed medical journal, The Lancet, has established a clear link between COVID-19 and hair loss. The study revealed that around 22% of coronavirus sufferers experienced hair loss. If we’ve learned anything from COVID-19, we’ve learned it can operate in very unexpected ways. If you’re one of the many people losing their hair after getting the virus, Hair Gain is here to help.


Sotira’s Story

Sotira, a 31-year old Product Developer from London, found she was shedding huge amounts of hair after contracting the virus in March 2020. Here is her story.

I’m Sotira, 31, a Product Developer for a Colour Cosmetics brand. I’ve always lived and worked in London, and have always been very conscious of how harsh the water can be on my hair and skin compared to other parts of the UK.
When it comes to my hair I’ve always been pretty lucky. I have 3a curls which are not the thickest but I always had a lot of hair. Naturally, I would go through a shedding period every August-September. It would then continue to grow as normal for the rest of the year.

Covid-19 And Hair Loss

That is until 2020!

I first noticed my hair shedding around 2 months after I presented with COVID-19 symptoms back in March 2020. By June I could see a huge difference in the amount of hair I had more so around the crown and the back. I’d never had any issues with my hair. Skin yes, I’d always had breakouts and I’d always be focused on my skin. But I never had to worry about my hair, so this was very distressing for me. 

I thought it would pass. But my hair continued to shed for the rest of the year which I put down to stress and weather changes. Come February 2021 there were no improvements. I was constantly looking into products but was always really wary of biotin as the main supplement, given I’d always had issues with my skin and didn’t want to ignite that.

Hair Gain Recommendation

A friend told me she’d been using Hair Gain so I got in touch with them to ask some questions about their formula (that’s the product developer in me). I went away and did my own research on Organic Pea shoot, one of the main ingredients in all of Hair Gain’s supplements.

I decided to give the 3 months GROW capsules a go, taking photos to track my progress. 

My Results

I started taking Hair Gain at the end of March. After a month I noticed that my nails were growing at a rapid pace and my skin was glowing. At 6 weeks I noticed new growth at the crown of my head and also new ‘baby hairs’ around the front of my hairline. After 2 months I started getting comments from people at work and friends telling me my hair has grown, which I noticed too! At the 3 month mark, my hair was evidently fuller and was still growing quite rapidly. My nails were strong and my skin was looking healthy too!

I’ve since purchased more capsules and have now switched to the gummies for maintenance. I had my first post lockdown haircut in July. I’m astonished how much my hair has grown this past month. 

I’ve since recommended Hair Gain to all of my friends, IG followers and anyone that will listen. The photos speak for themselves!

COVID-19 and hairloss

How Hair Gain can Help

Millions of us are already battling hair loss. With it becoming increasingly clear that COVID-19 is not going away, more people than ever before will find that COVID-19 and hair loss post recovery is something they will have to contend with.

But, like Sotira, you can do something about it.

Taking our Hair Gain capsules or gummies can help your hair become thicker, fuller and stronger. Our scientifically formulated products are clinically proven to reduce hair loss and revitalise your hair and scalp. 

The whole Hair Gain range contains the exclusive AnaGain ingredient, which uses the power of the pea to support visibly fuller and thicker hair in as little as one month.

In an AnaGain clinical study, this powerful ingredient was shown to contribute to a 78% increase in hair growth. What is more, 86% of users noticed a significant improvement in their hair.

Use our Hair Gain supplements and the Hair Gain Hair Mask together, to strengthen, nourish and hydrate thinning hair inside and out, to restore your hair’s natural vitality and shine.