07 Nov 2019

Great habits for healthy hair!

To get and maintain the healthy hair everyone wants, you need to have great habits. Read on as we delve into hair masks, silk pillows, diet and trims. 


Great Hair


1. Make time for hair masks.

As we approach winter, the air is going to get drier and drier. Under those wool scarves and hoodies can lie some seriously dry hair that needs some revitalisation. So autumn is the perfect time to start paying attention to the moisture level in your hair. We suggest applying a hair mask at least once a week so your hair gets the boost it needs. Look for masks that contain more natural ingredients and be sure to avoid any products containing sulfates. This is because they strip your hair of the natural oils needed to keep it healthy. 

2. A healthy diet.

Healthy hair comes from within. Autumn is a great time to start thinking about eating healthy again. Vitamin-rich foods will result in stronger locks. And, vitamin C, zinc and biotin help hair follicles to grow. We love this ultimate winter warmer Green Goddess Immune Boosting Soup. It's super high in vitamin C and zinc and this will help hair follicles to grow. 

Of course, these vitamins and minerals are also present in GROW by Hair Gain and they'll help you to keep your locks glowing from within too! A great habit to keep your hair healthy. 

3. Invest in a silk pillow.

Swapping out your cotton pillowcase for a silk alternative has been described as 'beauty sleep's secret weapon'. Silk pillows have built a reputation for maintaining gorgeous skin (and for my fellow ugly sleepers, the end of waking up to a creased face). And they also do absolute wonders for the hair; from increasing the life span of your blow dry, to reducing frizziness. We absolutely love the range of silk pillowcases by Slip. This is because they claim anti ageing, anti sleep crease and anti bed hair qualities!

4. A trim every 8 weeks.

We asked the incredible Pete Burkill, our favourite professional hair stylist, his thoughts on how often to get a trim to maintain healthy hair:

"I recommend a trim every 8 weeks, most people who are wanting to grow their hair should keep the ends strong to avoid breaking and splitting, so regular trims are vital to keeping hair long and healthy. Cutting the hair once a year is a false economy as we then have to cut a years worth of damage off...little and often wins the race!"  

- Pete Burkill