Since the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year, new information has surfaced almost every week about the nature and symptoms of the virus. We are all familiar with the main symptoms which include difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, a dry cough, fever, fatigue etc. However, coronavirus has more recently been linked to hair loss, with many survivors of COVID-19 reporting symptoms of hair loss following recovery from the illness.

Survivors of COVID-19 have been coming forward and sharing their experiences of hair loss. Hollywood actress, Alyssa Milano recently shared a video on her Instagram showing her dramatic hair shed as a result of COVID-19, the comments overflowing with women sharing similar experiences after overcoming the virus.

We spoke to Trichologist, Samantha Stewart of Spencer Clinic in London about COVID-19 and hair loss. The Spencer Clinic specialise in the consultation and treatment of all hair and scalp complaints. They focus on non-invasive stimulative treatments increasing the blood supply, aiding the regeneration of hair follicles and regrowth.

Samantha said "Upon reopening we noticed a twofold experience of hair loss from our clients, the first being indirectly effected by the stress of lockdown and the second being directly effected by the symptoms of COVID-19."

Samantha and her colleagues found that all clients who had tested positive for COVID-19 had experienced severe hair shedding as a result of high fevers, which has been linked to Telogen Effluvium, a form of temporary hair loss linked to stress, traumatic events and illness.

Samantha is now recommending Hair Gain to her clients who are experiencing hair loss. Samantha trialed Hair Gain herself but also carried out a trial within the Spencer Clinic:

"Over the years, we have been searching for a product, specifically a nutritional supplement, to compliment our treatments. I am always very sceptical of new products as a trichologist, however, after using Hair Gain, I was blown away! I thought, there's no way they could work in just a month, but I was really impressed.
Our clinic has been open for 40 years and we have never stocked hair vitamins until now. We refuse to stock products that we can't back up scientifically or vouch for based on our own experiences.
Hair Gain supplied us with enough of the vitamins to allow us to carry out a large trial within our clinic. The patients we chose for the trial were already undergoing therapy with us. As results began to come in, after about four to six weeks, we found the vitamins were in fact working hand in hand with our stimulative therapy to help decelerate the hair fall and accelerate hair growth.
Due to the very positive results, we have now included Hair Gain as part of our therapy"
If you or someone you know has experienced hair loss as a result of COVID-19 please do get in touch with us at or contact the Spencer Clinic for some expert trichology advice
We would love to support your hair gain journey x