07 Nov 2019

Hair loss is more common than you think

Hair Loss

Up until quite recently hair loss has always been something we’re more likely to associate with men but as we all know it’s also common in women. 8 million of us in the UK will suffer at some point in our lifetime. When it happens it can really knock our confidence.  

Worrying Statistics

In a recent survey by Hair Gain, 52% said if they were to lose their hair they would feel depressed. Meanwhile, 29% said they would feel scared. One respondent even said she wouldn’t feel as beautiful. 

Lucy Palmer, founder of Hair Gain, really struggled with hair loss not long after having her first baby:

“No one had prepared me for the fact that more often than not your hair starts thinning not long after having a baby. For some, including myself, it can be really quite dramatic especially around the hair line at the front. Instead of enjoying this new stage in my life as a mother, I was feeling anxious and self-conscious because I didn’t know what to do.”  

We Need To Support Each Other 

However, the most worrying statistic to come out of our survey was that we don’t feel open to talking about it with each other. Just 9% said they would talk to friends and family as the first port of call if they were experiencing hair loss. But with 75% having experienced hair loss at some point or another, their comfort and support is crucial. Helpful hints and tips from our friends can really make the difference. It can turn hair loss from something lonely to something to embrace and tackle. 


GROW by Hair Gain is scientifically proven to reduce hair loss. We get results, so rest assured that help is here for your hair. In an AnaGain clinical study, this powerful ingredient was shown to contribute to a 78% increase in hair growth. What is more, 86% of users noticed a significant improvement in their hair.

By harnessing the power of the organic pea shoot, GROW by Hair Gain strengthens thinning hair from the inside out and restores your hair’s natural vitality and shine