29 Apr 2020

Nurse Roberta's Hair Gain Journey

Roberta's Hair Journey

Roberta Woodford, 24, from South London is an NHS nurse who has struggled with hair loss for years, which would always get worse at times of stress.

A particularly stressful time for Roberta has been working on the Coronavirus frontline. However, Roberta said she 'feels like a new woman' after taking Hair Gain. It restored her hairline in just eight weeks. This has meant that she has been able to manage her hair shed. And throughout a time where she would otherwise experience it at it's worst.

Before Hair Gain treatment

Roberta says that her hair became 'painfully thin' across the top of her scalp as fears of a coronavirus pandemic in the UK started to grow in late January.  But after her hairdresser recommended she started taking Hair Gain, Roberta found her hairline thickened 'almost immediately.' Within two months her hair, and her confidence, were transformed.    


Roberta believes that she contracted the coronavirus herself at the start of March. She was off work as a children’s nurse at a central London NHS hospital with fever, a cough and chronic fatigue.

With her spirits at an all time low, she started taking Hair Gain, a supplement with a unique formula derived from organic pea shoots. Now fully recovered, she can show off her thicker and fuller hair. A wonderful hair journey. Roberta said: “I really cannot believe the difference in my hair, It was painfully thin right across my scalp in January and it affected my body confidence."

“I was thinner than I had ever been before. It really does hit you hard and you are always wondering if other people are talking about your hair loss. I started taking Hair Gain and now I feel like a new woman. My hair is as thick as it was when I was a teenager. My body confidence has surged.”

Hair Gain after

Roberta had worked with her hairdresser, Ruth at Gloss Hair Salon for years on clever ways to style her hair to cover up her bald spots. She had tried various expensive products which promised to restore her hair but none had worked in the long-term.

Hair Gain Results

Her hairdresser had attended a hair loss conference in London a few weeks earlier. They came back with a month’s supply of Hair Gain. Roberta started taking it and over 8 weeks, her hair grew back. It is now thicker than it has been in years.

She said: “It started to make a difference almost immediately and I was so impressed that I started pictures every few weeks from the same angle so that I could properly appreciate how it was growing back. Every week it was a little thicker. As I looked at the pictures, I could feel my body confidence surging."

“Within eight weeks, my hair was pretty much fully grown back. It was thicker than it had been for years and I felt so much happier and good about myself. It was so nice to go to work and not feel self-conscious about my hair"

“I have always suffered badly from acne and this cleared up as well. I used to get quite angry spots on my chin. Hair Gain contains zinc which is good for the skin. My skin is clearer than it has ever been.”

Roberta is busier than ever working in a children’s ward at an NHS hospital: “I just feel very grateful to still be working. Millions of people have lost their jobs through this crisis. I feel lucky to still be at work and be able to make a difference.” We're so glad we helped Roberta on her hair journey. 

Hair Gain is available at www.hairgainnow.com