07 Mar 2023

The Importance of Halal Hair Care

By Maria Akbani

As a Muslim woman, skincare and haircare can be hard to navigate. Despite the fact that the beauty industry offers a huge array of products, a big limiting factor for many Muslim men and women is the inclusion of “haram” (impermissible) ingredients. These can include products derived from forbidden animals, blood or human body parts. This is particularly hard when it comes to anything that we can ingest (including vitamins and supplements).  As I’m getting older, I’m definitely focusing on this a lot more. Simply, for Muslims, great food supplements for hair care need to be halal compliant - which is often hard to find!

The Power of the "Muslim Pound"

Man buying halal friendly hair product

The global Halal beauty market is currently estimated to be worth $30 billion and is predicted to rise to over $50 billion by 2028. So, it’s difficult to understand why some companies are ignoring the spending power of the “Muslim pound.” This is despite huge strides being made for inclusion within the industry. There's also another issue. Whilst almost all vegan beauty products tend to be fine for the Muslim community, some products can contain alcohol based ingredients. This can pose a big problem. 

Hair Gain Gummies & Capsules

That’s why Hair Gain’s Halal hair care certification is such a refreshing and welcome change. And for the icing on the cake, all Hair Gain products are free from alcohol.  As a general rule of thumb, Muslims would be cautious of gummies in the market.  This is because the use of animal gelatine is impermissible under Muslim dietary laws. So, to have “halal certified” gummies that actually taste great, but more importantly, are efficacious, is something to rave about! The same can be said for capsules. Although, it's often the coating of capsules that's problem, as opposed to what’s inside. Again, Hair Gain capsules are a 100% halal certified hair supplement. They're actually more potent than the gummies!

Halal Hair Care

I have grown up around Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab. And I know that their hair concerns are the same as mine. Who doesn’t want healthy, shiny and nourished hair right? What’s more, given the diversity of Muslims from around the world, often hair care conversations centre around a variety of issues due to different kinds of hair. So knowing that the Hair Gain range is halal certified and suitable for all hair types is fantastic. It means you can recommend (or gift) brilliant halal hair care options to people who abide by these restrictions. My mum has her two capsules in the morning with her breakfast. Meanwhile, my husband takes his gummies to work and has them as “sweet treat” during the day. They’re both seeing results and keep asking for more supplies!

My Hair Gain Experience

As for myself, I’ve been taking the Hair Gain capsules now for 3 months alongside my other vitamins in the morning. Not only has my hair been growing faster (as commented upon by my hairdresser, who then proceeded to subscribe to the capsules!) but with the combination of the Hair Gain Hair Mask that I use twice a week, my hair is definitely softer and shinier.

Our team work really hard to ensure that bring you the best quality products that we truly believe in. And, one huge part of what we do is to ensure that our products are inclusive. Halal hair care is very important, and we’re proud to be Halal certified. Are we're also excited that we have some great ambassadors of the brand who shop Hair Gain because of this. Check out their content in the Stylist article below!

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