01 Oct 2020

Hair Loss after Weight Loss Surgery

Hair Loss After Weight Loss Surgery - Victoria's Story

In 2018, Victoria Schofield chose to have weight loss surgery, a gastric sleeve operation to shrink the size of her stomach. However, weeks after the surgery, the drastic change her body had incurred meant she began losing her hair. Victoria says the impact the hair loss had was 'life-changing' and 'traumatic'. While the excess weight fell off her and she lost six stone in less than a year, the impact on her hair was devastating. Clumps of her hair began to fall out soon after the surgery. 

Victoria said: “I had the body of my dreams and the hair of my worst nightmares because almost half of it fell out.”

Hair Gain Before & After

Victoria Schofield Before & After Hair Gain pictures (above)

'The doctors explained in advance of the operation that hair loss was a fairly common side effect of such major surgery', says Victoria. It is well known that hair loss after any form of bariatric surgery can happen. 

"I started to notice significant hair loss throughout the summer of 2019. In December that year I had to have my blonde bob cut to a pixie cut. It was pretty devastating, I had the body of my dreams but I had lost almost half of my hair." 

I spent a lot of time researching hair loss, when I came across Hair Gain. I was really impressed by the clinical studies and scientific evidence. So I emailed the Hair Gain team and asked if they thought it would help given my circumstances. They were so honest. They informed me that everyone’s Hair Gain journey is different and that I should take it consistently for 3-6 months to see the full results.

6 months into taking Hair Gain, I’m starting to feel like myself again. I get quite emotional when I look back at my pictures in December. My hair thin, broken and in parts missing. My hair has grown 3 inches since March...I know because of the roots thanks to lockdown!

'Hair Gain completely restored my hair. It gradually improved month by month and now my hair is thicker and more lustrous than before surgery. I have my Marilyn curls again.' 

She said: 'I am the happiest I have ever been. My weight is under control, my 'Marilyn' hair is back!'

Hair loss after weight loss surgery was a nightmare for Victoria. We're delighted that Hair Gain was able to help her with hair loss after gastric sleeve surgery.

Read more about Victoria's journey here.

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