Hair Gain Headband

Wear it to look fabulous!

  • Look fabulous in this adorable NEW bow headband
  • Keep your growing locks out of your eyes
  • Super-soft microfiber design, gentle and soft against your skin
  • Protect your hair when putting on or taking off your make-up or applying a facemask

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Keep your growing locks out of your eyes with this adorable bow headband. Its super-soft microfibre design is gentle against your hair and skin. Perfect for protecting your hair when putting on or taking off your make-up or for applying a facemask. Alternatively, just wear it to look fabulous as you go about your daily tasks!

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Simply wear this Hair Gain Headband to look fabulous and cute as you go about your daily tasks! Or simply take time out to relax and pamper yourself!

About our Gummies?

Hair Gain Gummies are clinically proven to give you thicker and fuller hair at the root. Chewable and delicious, Hair Gain Gummies offers a serious solution for strong, shiny, healthy hair, as well as supporting gorgeous skin and nails. Ideal for those who don’t like taking tablets, these easy-to-digest gummies pack a nutritious punch for your hair. 100% percent natural flavour of apple and berry, a fat free formula – with only 15 calories per serving. Simply chew two delicious gummies per day. We recommend taking alongside food for better absorption

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How Does Hair Gain Work?

Backed by trichologists, Hair Gummies by Hair Gain contain clinically proven organic pea shoot powder, derived from the small but mighty pea shoot. This powerful ingredient stimulates the dermal papilla cells in the follicles to help kick-start hair growth and promote visibly fuller, thicker hair in just one month. What’s more, the mighty pea shoot helps to promote Noggin, a protein that shortens the hair loss phase, and Fibroblast growth factor-7 (FGF7), which provides the best possible conditions for growth.

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