Join the GROW project

Join the GROW project

Grow with us

Here at Hair Gain we’re passionate about the power of organic pea shoots to help promote hair growth and give you beautiful hair. And we want you to share in that passion with us. Join the GROW project!

It’s not just your hair that can benefit from the power of the pea. Pea shoots grow quickly, taste delicious and are rich in vitamins.

How It Works

Buy Grow by Hair Gain today and we’ll send you a FREE packet of pea shoot seeds, along with easy to follow instructions on how to grow your very own micro-garden.

So, safe in the knowledge that your hair growth is taken care of, why not get green-fingered too? A micro-garden is a stunning addition to any windowsill. And added to salads, pasta dishes or soups the delicate shoots can make a meal look Michelin star!

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Pea shoot micro garden

How to grow a pea shoot micro-garden

Simply select a container 5-7cm deep. Fill it with compost to 3cm from the top. Grab your seeds and sow them in a single layer on top of the compost. Or you can use cotton wool instead of compost and feed your peas with a liquid fertiliser. Leave on a sunny windowsill. Water when the compost or cotton wool feels dry.

Harvest by pinching off each shoot just above the bottom leaves. Some of the shoots will regrow, giving you a second harvest.

Share your GROW journey

We believe in the power of the pea to help stop hair loss and we want to see your results! Share your hair growth pictures, along with your micro-garden growing success stories and tag @hairgainnow

Together let’s put hair loss behind us and celebrate the small but mighty pea! Join the GROW project today!

Join the Grow Project