26 Jan 2022

Award winning hair care range

At Hair Gain we are so happy to be making a difference to thousands of women with thin hair and hair loss with our range of brilliant products and accessories.  We know how good they are, so we love to hear all the wonderful feedback from our customers. And it’s fantastic to see our hair care range recognised by hair and beauty, mother and baby industry experts too. So, here are the Hair Gain products that stood proudly on the podium in 2021. We truly have an award winning hair care range. 


Hair Gain Hair Gummies 


Woman & Home Beauty Awards 2021 

Bambini Baby Awards 2021


Winner – Best For Hair – Woman & Home 2021 Beauty Awards 

Gold Winner – Mums Best Hair Growth Product – 2021 Bambini Baby Awards 

Backed by trichologists, Hair Gain Hair Gummies are simply the tastiest way you can care for your hair! Because they're powered by the exclusive scientifically formulated and clinically-tested AnaGain™ ingredient, just two gummies every day will help promote growth, thickness and strength from the inside. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals and aminos, the formula is 100% natural, and 100% delicious.

“These contain great ingredients to help hair growth over time” – Jennie Roberts, hairstylist and Woman & Home 2021 Beauty Award panellist. 


Hair Gain Capsules 


Bambini Baby Awards Bronze Winner


Bronze Winner - Mums Best Hair Growth Product – 2021 Bambini Baby Awards 

A brilliant way to support healthy hair from within. Like their sister product Gummies, Hair Gain Capsules contain the unique AnaGain™ component. As they're backed up by key hair health vitamins and minerals such as biotin, selenium and zinc, Hair Gain Capsules also help to boost the health of skin and nails. 


Hair Gain Hair Mask 


Get The Gloss 2021 Beauty Awards Winner

Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2021


Winner – Best Light Hair Mask – 2021 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 

Silver Winner – Scalp Care Hero – Get The Gloss Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 

Our Hair Gain Hair Mask is the newest addition to our hair care range. Because it has been scientifically formulated, it revitalises and stimulates your scalp while hydrating and nourishing your hair from the root to the tip. Designed to help promote fuller and thicker hair, our Hair Mask formula also protects against heat damage. 100% vegan, the formula contains Panthenol and Natural Betaine – and it’s free of alcohol, sulphate silicon and paraben. So it’s easy to apply and only needs 10 minutes to weave its magic. 

“.. the incredible formula will strengthen and nourish from root to tip.” – The Cosmopolitan Beauty Team


Make Hair Gain Part of Your Hair Journey 


If you’re one of the millions of women living with hair loss and hair thinning across the world, then give your hair and scalp the support they need with our award winning hair care range of products and accessories.


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