22 Dec 2021

Malin Andersson endorses Hair Gain Hair Mask to soothe psoriasis

We’ve recently had some fantastic coverage of our new Hair Gain Hair Mask in the Daily Mail, Mirror and OK Magazine. We’re so proud of the editorial coverage Hair Gain receives from the press. We love sharing it with you! The fantastic results our Hair Mask has delivered was highlighted courtesy of a candid shout out from reality TV star Malin Andersson. It has really helped to soothe psoriasis on her scalp.

After announcing her pregnancy earlier this year, Malin has been sharing her experiences with her social media fans.

Looking the picture of glowing health, the 29-year old former Love Island star spoke to her 739,000 Instagram followers. She shared how she’s been suffering with the skin condition psoriasis during her pregnancy.


Psoriasis Effects

Psoriasis causes dry, flaky, crusty and red patches on the skin, and commonly affects the scalp. As a result, Malin Andersson's scalp has become really dry.

She’s been trying to build in some self-care time for herself during her pregnancy and was gifted our Hair Mask. She’s found it has been a great help – in more ways than one!

In a video posted to her Instagram page from her dressing room at home, stunning Malin demonstrated how easy the Hair Mask was to apply. While massaging our Hair Mask in, she explained how using it was building back her healthy hair while helping to soothe psoriasis on her scalp.

After a blow dry, looking gorgeous in her lingerie, she revealed using our Hair Mask had become an essential part of her hair and scalp health routine. Just ten minutes once or twice a week has hydrated every part of her hair and scalp. 

Malin Andersson is just one of the many women taking the Hair Gain journey with our wonderful range of products. Join her and you can help make your hair fuller and thicker at the root. All while getting your scalp health in tip top condition.

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