05 Jul 2024

Rachel Valentine’s Holiday Hair Essentials

With the summer holidays just around the corner, thousands of us are eagerly planning our holidays. We meticulously plan what outfits we’re going to wear, and stock up on sunscreen and after-sun lotion. But despite these preparations, many forget to think about one crucial thing: holiday hair care! And while a holiday in the sunshine can work wonders for our wellbeing, it can also wreak havoc on our locks and scalp. At Hair Gain, we know that using our amazing products can help protect your tresses from the heaviest of holiday punishment. So, we were delighted that hairdresser, colour specialist and social media star Rachel Valentine swears by Hair Gain products as her holiday hair essentials, ensuring her locks remain in peak condition, wherever her adventures take her!

Rachel’s Holiday Hair Advice


@rachelvalentinehair We always protect our skin in the sun, but our hair can also suffer, not only from the sun but from the sea and chlorine too! @hairgainnow have such a brilliant, easy to pack, travel sized hair care routine that I loved using on my holiday! Hair & Scalp Foam - stimulates hair growth and nourishes the scalp Hair Mask - intensively hydrates and locks in moisture for instant shine Dry Shampoo - non aerosol and perfect for reviving your hair while traveling Wide tooth comb - great for detangling after being in the sea or the pool PLUS I have a discount code for you to make the most of! RACHELV20 Ad #holidayhaircare #summerhair #sundamage ♬ original sound - Rachel Valentine


Speaking to her 94,000 TikTok and 15,000 Instagram followers, Rachel explained she was “constantly amazed at how many people do not pack hair care when they go on holiday, especially when the sun, sea and chlorine is so damaging.” These elements certainly exact a heavy toll. Increased exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage the structure of hair, leading to dryness, brittleness, and split ends. Meanwhile sea water, packed with salt, can dehydrate hair, causing tangles and roughness. The chlorine in swimming pools strips our locks of their natural oils. It also dries out and irritates the scalp. Taken together, these factors can damage healthy hair, leaving it looking lifeless. 

Holiday Hair Essentials – Rehydrating Hair Mask 

Hair Gain Hair Mask


Combatting the drying heat of the sun’s rays is vital to prevent brittle strands and an irritated scalp. Wearing a hat, especially in the hottest hours of the day is always a good idea. To give her hair and scalp the injection of moisture they need, Rachel uses the Hair Gain Hair Mask. “The Hair Gain Hair Mask is great on holiday because it intensely nourishes and hydrates your hair but also contains AnaGain™ which helps stimulate the hair follicles,” she advises. Packed with hydrating ingredients, this luxurious Hair Mask works wonders in replenishing lost moisture. It also helps to repair sun damage, and protects against dryness. And the amazing formula nourishes the hair from root to tip and revitalises the scalp. 

Tame Tangles With Hair Gain’s Wide Tooth Comb 

Hair Gain Comb


The sea and the pool are irresistible on holiday, but they can leave your hair in a knotted, matted mess! Rachel recommends the Hair Gain Comb. “I use the wide-tooth comb nearly every day at home anyway, but it’s especially good on holiday for detangling your hair after being in the sea or in the pool,” she explains. Unlike regular combs that put strands under stress and cause breakage, our comb gently untangles even the most stubborn knots. It makes post-swim care so easy. 

Holiday Hair Essentials – Hair Gain Scalp Foam 

Hair Gain Scalp Foam


It’s so easy for the scalp to become dry, irritated and flaky in the sun. Rachel doubles down on the scalp fortifying benefits of the Hair Gain Hair Mask on holiday with daily use of our brilliant Hair Gain Scalp Foam. Formulated with a blend of ingredients including betaine, phyantriol, biotin, caffeine and mighty AnaGain™, our Scalp Foam is designed to soothe and protect the scalp. It also deeply penetrates the hair cortex, stimulating the hair follicles, which promotes fuller hair while reducing hair shed. It’s quickly and easily absorbed, and as Rachel says, “Scalp Foam has a weightless formula so that you can leave it in.” It's great to use instead of hair oil, as it's water based, meaning it doesn't leave any sticky or greasy residue. 

Peptide Puff™ Dry Shampoo 

Holiday Hair Essentials Peptide Puff Dry Shampoo


Whether you’re relaxing round the pool, enjoying the beach or sightseeing, washing your hair frequently can be a hassle. Rachel’s secret weapon for keeping her locks fresh between washes is Hair Gain’s Peptide Puff™ dry shampoo. This next generation product banishes grease, sweat and grime while adding volume and giving a boost of peptides to your hair. It’s perfect for refreshing hair on the go, ensuring your hair remains full of life while on holiday. As Rachel says “how cool is this Peptide Puff™ dry shampoo? It’s so easy to apply, and small enough to pack as well!” 

Holiday Hair Essentials – Final Thoughts 

Hair Gain Supplements and Topicals


By following Rachel Valentine’s expert tips and making these Hair Gain essentials part of your holiday routine, you can relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about your locks. So, when you pack for your next adventure, make sure you have these holiday hair essentials and make every day a great hair day! And look after your hair and scalp all year round with our award-winning Hair Gain Hair Capsules and Hair Gummies supplements, and our incredible range of topicals.  And don’t forget to check out our fantastic accessories and brilliant bundle deals too!


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