31 Aug 2023

Study Finds Hair Gain Scalp Foam Works Wonders

Many people believe that hair loss and thinning is something that only affects men. But it is something that affects millions of women too. Indeed, studies have shown around 40% of us experience visible hair loss by the time they reach 40. Losing hair isn’t just a physical issue for women. It can have a profound effect on our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. So many of us feel isolated and helpless about this problem, but it doesn’t have to be this way. A new study has shown that a brilliant new product, our Hair Gain Scalp Foam, can reduce hair shed and promote fuller hair. 

What The Study Found 

The new study* ran for 3 months earlier this year. 100 women took part, and the study showed our Scalp Foam delivered excellent results. 76% of participants found that the noticed less hair breakage, while 77% felt the quality of their hair had improved. One of the women on the study commented “even after the first use, I noticed how thick my hair looked.”

A healthy scalp provides a nourishing environment essential to maintaining healthy hair. A scalp in poor condition – dry, itchy or inflamed – can damage hair follicles, leading to breakage and loss. The report found that Hair Gain’s Scalp Foam had significant benefits for scalp health. 87% of the women on the study found their scalps felt soothed, while 82% reported that the foam left their scalp feeling hydrated. 80% of participants found their scalps felt less dry and itchy. 

So Easy To Use 

Our scalp foam is super-easy to use – simply apply 5-10 pumps of foam once daily. So it’s no surprise that 93% of those surveyed said the foam was easy to include in their daily routines. 

How Our Scalp Foam Works 

Apply the foam onto the scalp and hair line, then massage evenly in. As 86% of the women on the study found, the formula is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. There’s no pesky residue to worry about either! Powered by the same unique AnaGain™ ingredient contained in our incredible range of supplements and topicals, the foam stimulates the hair whilst nourishing and revitalising the scalp. Hair Gain’s Scalp Foam also contains other key hair vitamins and minerals. Your scalp will feel newly refreshed and your hair will look fuller after each application. 

A Revolution In Hair Care 

This amazing and first-of-its-kind scalp foam is a revolution in hair care for those fighting fine hair and thinning. The formula penetrates the scalp and the hair follicles to boost your scalp health while reducing hair shed and promoting fuller hair, as these stunning "Before and After" shots attest.


Hair Gain Scalp Foam Before and After Images 


Given the ease of use and the amazing results it delivers, it comes as no shock to learn a whopping 83% of those on the study said Hair Gain Scalp Foam will become an essential part of their hair routine. As one participant explained, “I absolutely love the difference it has made to my hair and my confidence.” If you’re one of the millions of women suffering with thin hair and fall, quite simply, why wouldn’t you use it too? 

Hair Gain Scalp Foam & Hair Mask: A Game-Changing Combo


Report Finds Revolutionary Hair Gain Scalp Foam Works Wonders - BLOG IMAGE


Our Scalp Foam delivers brilliant results on its own, but when used in combination with Hair Gain’s Hair Mask, the results go to an even higher level! An independent test** in May this year found that when used together, our Scalp Foam and Hair Mask reduced breakage and hair fall by up to 60% - after just a single use! 

Final Thoughts 

Our founder Lucy Palmer, inspired by her own fight with post-partum hair loss, created Hair Gain to give those struggling with fine and thinning hair hope. Containing the exclusive AnaGain™ ingredient, together with a blend of key hair vitamins and minerals, our supplements and topicals are clinically proven to promote hair and scalp health while fighting hair fall. Simply take two Hair Gain Hair Capsules or Gummies daily and use our hydrating and nourishing Hair Mask and of course, our new Scalp Foam

*According to a 3-month consumer study of 100 participants, conducted Mar-June 2023

**Independently tested (brushing test) May 2023, results achieved when tested as a regime with the Hair Gain Hair Mask


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