18 Jul 2023

Denise van Outen Reveals Her Gorgeous Hair Secret: Hair Gain’s Hair Mask!

At Hair Gain, we’re so proud of the amazing results our award-winning products deliver to women with thin hair and hair fall. We love hearing about how we’re helping our customers, and we love sharing the good news too. So, we’re delighted that the powers of our brilliant Hair Mask have been given a big shout out by none other than TV star Denise van Outen!

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Looking stunning in a video to her 707,000 followers, Denise van Outen shared her experiences with her Instagram fans. Speaking candidly, she revealed how TV work and constant hair styling had taken a major toll on her hair. Summertime only makes the problem worse, with the Celebrity Gogglebox star admitting:

“I love sunshine. The only thing is my hair takes an absolute battering in the summer. I like to go a little bit lighter with my hair colour. I get a lot of breakage.” 

Increased Hair Shed with Age

Denise also confided that she was experiencing increasing hair shed as she grows older. “I’ve had a lot more than normal. I think that’s possibly to do with hormonal changes because of my age.”

The star then revealed to her social media fans that she’d found a product that reversed the damage that her lifestyle and age were causing, while improving the condition of her hair – our nourishing and hydrating Hair Mask!

So Easy to Apply



In her Instagram video, Denise demonstrated how easy our Hair Mask was to apply. While massaging the luxurious mask in from the roots to the tips of her hair, she explained that not only did it help the condition of her locks, but also that the incredible formula worked right down into the hair follicles themselves.

Incredible Results 

After blow drying her tresses, she told her followers that “my hair looks thicker, there’s more volume. It feels so good, and it smells good too!”

The shedding issues Denise has been experiencing have been helped by our Hair Mask too. The star revealed that after brushing “there’s hardly any hairs left on the hairbrush.”

The Power of the Pea

Our award-winning Hair Mask is scientifically formulated to deeply nourish and hydrate hair while nurturing and revitalising the scalp. Powered by the AnaGain™ ingredient, a phytonutrient derived from organic pea shoots that helps to prolong the lifecycle of hair, the Hair Mask is proven to reduce hair breakage and fall by up to 60% from the first use.* It also moisturises the hair from within, which strengthens hair while increasing lustre and shine.

Endorsed by Experts

It's also recommended by trichologists. Leading Trichologist Samantha Stewart explains how to get the most out of our Hair Mask:

“Start off with a great shampoo and conditioner that aids hydration and moisture retention, that cleanses the scalp well, but doesn’t strip all the natural oil.  I absolutely love the Hair Gain Hair Mask this is a fantastic hair mask that not only protects the hair shaft against moisture loss but also aids healthy hair growth.”

Final Thoughts

Denise van Outen is one of thousands of women on their Hair Gain journey with our fantastic, award-winning products. Our range of supplements and topicals are all powered by the exclusive AnaGain™ ingredient. Take two Hair Gain Hair Capsules or Gummies daily and use our hydrating and nourishing Hair Mask and new Scalp Foam. Like Denise and many, many others, you can harness the might of the pea shoot too.

As Denise says in her video recommending our Hair Mask:

“I’m so pleased with the results. You really must try this, and I hope you’re going to love it as much as I do.”

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*Independently tested (brushing test) May 2023, results achieved when tested as a regime with the Hair Gain Scalp Foam