20 Jun 2023

Festival Hair Hacks: Rock Your Style!

Summertime brings with it the ever-anticipated music festival season. The UK is blessed with a vibrant festival scene, from famous biggies like Isle of Wight, Reading and Glasto to hundreds of fantastic regional and local events. There truly is something for everyone, and it’s a time for celebration, fun, and embracing your inner wild child! But all that heat, humidity and hours of dancing can play havoc on our hair. And for those of us with thin hair or hair loss, those conditions can make for a daunting challenge. But with these brilliant festival hair hacks, you’ll be able to rock your experience and ensure your tresses stay stylish and hassle free until it’s time to head home.


Loose Braids


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Braids are a festival staple that combine style and practicality. But for thin hair, avoiding tension and traction is a must, so tight braids are simply not an option. However, if your hair is medium or long in length, you can opt for a loose braid. Easy to create, versatile and lasts all day. Loose braids can also be a secret weapon for fine hair, as they can also conceal thinning or problem areas while maxxing volume.


Messy Buns & Updos

Messy buns and updos work wonders for women with thin hair or fall, and they’re perfect for festivals. Simply gather your hair into a loose bun or updo, letting some strands fall naturally. Loose, casual, carefree and effortlessly chic. Secure your tresses with bobby pins. Not only stylish, but hugely practical too. These hairstyles will keep your hair off your face, leaving you to throw yourself into the festival activities at the speed of sound without having to worry about your hair.


Embrace Your Inner Hippy

Festival Hair Hacks flower power image

Flower power may have had its heyday in the late 60s but incorporating it into your festival hair can create a timeless, bohemian look. Weave real or fake flowers into your hair or try a loose floral crown. There are limitless combinations you can opt for, go bold and vibrant and mix and match with your outfits. A festival’s a perfect place to be an earth mother after all!


Colour Your Hair – The Natural Way

What better occasion to experiment with vibrant and cool temporary hair colours than a festival? However, the cocktail of harsh chemicals in commercial dyes can cause massive damage to your hair and scalp. But thankfully there are excellent natural alternatives that can help you get that killer festival hair look without harming your tresses. Henna can deliver fabulous red-oranges and blue-black shades, while lemon juice is fantastic at nailing that summer sun-kissed look. Let your creativity run wild and stand out from the crowd with your dazzling locks.


Headbands & Scarves

These are a fantastic way to jazz up your festival hair without damaging your mane. Wrap a colourful scarf around your head and tie it into a stylish knot or chic bow. Gives your look a splash of eye-catching colour while covering any thin areas. They also provide damaged or fragile strands (as well as your scalp) with some much-needed protection from the scorching sun at festivals. Headbands are also a great way to add volume and keep your hair in place whilst looking fabulous. Our Hair Gain Headband is a super-soft and gentle way to rock your festival hair look this summer.


Choose The Right Haircut

For those of us with thin or thinning hair, choosing the right haircut can often work wonders. A layered or textured haircut can create the illusion of thicker hair and can be far easier to style and maintain. A layered bob is a beautiful summery style, and although it can be a daunting step, a short pixie cut is an excellent way of adding texture. Shorter cuts also attract attention away from your hairline and onto your face. Speak to your salon and get a style that suits your hair type and nails that festival hair look.


Final Thoughts

Having thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t get an amazing look at festivals. Using these great festival hair hacks will help you enhance volume, add texture and emphasize your beauty. And make sure you give your hair the extra support it needs at festivals, in the summer and all year round with our Hair Gain Capsules and Gummies, our Hair Mask and new Hair Gain Scalp Foam. Be loud, be happy, enjoy the music, and let your beautiful look shine as you immerse yourself in the festival experience.


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