03 Jul 2024

Fabulous Midlife Hair And Skin 101

Midlife is a time of change in a woman’s life. And one of the major transitions during this phase is menopause. Menopause is brought on when hormone levels (primarily oestrogen and progesterone) naturally decline as we exit our reproductive years. It's a natural part of the ageing process. But the symptoms, often characterised by a host of physical, emotional and psychological changes, can be challenging. And as hormone levels fluctuate, this can have a significant impact on our hair and skin. To guide you through this journey, Hair Gain has partnered with skin care experts Elemental Herbology to give comprehensive advice to achieve fabulous midlife hair and skin during menopause and beyond!

How Menopause Impacts Our Hair

Menopausal woman seeing hair loss on a brush


Changes in hair is one of the most noticeable effects of menopause. Hair can become thin, hair fall can increase, while growth rate slows. The drop in oestrogen levels play a big part in this phenomenon, and it can be a double whammy! Firstly, oestrogen helps to lengthen the growth phase of the hair cycle, so when levels drop, that vital phase shortens. This hormonal shift also allows androgens (hormones such as testosterone) to have a stronger influence. Androgens are strange beasts. While they drive hair growth on the body and face, they shrink hair follicles on the scalp! Whether it’s the growth cycle or androgens driving it, the result is often finer, more fragile hair on the scalp, leading to hair loss.

Dealing With Menopausal Hair

To manage menopausal hair and get the strong, fabulous hair we all want, you need to take a multifaceted approach. Adopting and maintaining a balanced diet is a must. This ensures your body has adequate levels of essential hair vitamins and minerals such as biotin and zinc. And keep hydrated – drinking plenty of water (two litres a day ideally) is a crucial part of keeping your hair and scalp in good condition. Regular, gentle scalp massage is a good idea - it helps stimulate blood flow in the scalp. Swerve hot hair styling tools as much as possible and avoid using harsh chemicals and dyes on your locks.

How Hair Gain Can Help

Fabulous Midlife Hair and Skin 101 Hair Gain Product Range


 Hair Gain’s award-winning supplements, topicals and accessories should be part of everyone’s holistic hair care strategy during menopause. With an amazing, scientifically formulated blend of the signature AnaGain™ ingredient and key hair vitamins and minerals like biotin and zinc, just two Hair Gain Hair Capsules or Hair Gain Hair Gummies a day will give your diet the boost it needs to support your hair health from within.

Double down on these efforts with our intensely hydrating Hair Gain Hair Mask to lock in moisture. Meanwhile, daily use of our fabulous Scalp Foam will revitalise and care for your scalp. Between washes, our next-gen Peptide Puff™ dry shampoo will instantly add volume, body and texture to tresses while giving a biotin and peptide boost!

Our wide-tooth Hair Gain Comb will effortlessly detangle hair, especially important when it’s more susceptible to damage. And finally, our Scalp Massager is perfect giving yourself a relaxing and scalp nourishing rub!

Menopause And The Skin


Both midlife hair and skin are affected by the menopause. Those reduced levels of oestrogen are once again to blame, as they lead to a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin. The skin becomes thinner, less elastic, and the ageing process is accelerated. Wrinkles increase, while firmness is lost. Sensitivity and dryness become more apparent, and skin becomes more prone to acne breakouts and rosacea.

Skincare During Menopause

As with midlife hair, maintaining a balanced diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will help nourish your skin from the inside. Meanwhile, getting those two litres of water inside every day are essential to keep the skin hydrated. There are many other skincare boxes that need to be ticked during menopause. Following a holistic skincare approach is a must, just like with your hair.

Skincare Solutions: Elemental Herbology

Fabulous Midlife Hair And Skin 101 Elemental Herbology Product Range


The wonderful products available from Elemental Herbology should be everyone’s go-to solution for skincare during the menopause. Make-up, pollution, and the various dirt, grease and grime we pick up over the day can irritate our skin. And of course, menopausal skin is sensitive, and prone to hormonal breakouts. Their splendid Five Elements Cleansing Balm is super-effective at removing all impurities yet is gentle enough to use morning and night.

Hot flashes are something many of us will have to contend with during menopause. Elemental Herbology’s new Pause & Renew Mask will keep your skin cool and calm irritation when the dreaded flashes strike.

We all know that menopause often means fine lines and wrinkles – combat them with Elemental Herbology’s Cell Active Matrix Serum. Use day and night for hydrated, plumped and youthful skin. And, you’ll find no better way to boost your collagen levels than their Cell Active Moisturiser, which reactivates collagen production while repairing the skin.

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Fabulous Midlife Hair And Skin: Final Thoughts

Despite all the challenges which include changes in midlife hair and skin, the menopause can be an empowering time for us. With the experiences and wisdom gained through the course of our lives, it’s a time when we can find a new sense of confidence and freedom. Acknowledging the changes that naturally come and then taking the right steps to deal with the challenges is paramount. And whether it’s exercise, stress management, therapy or simply using fantastic midlife hair and skin products, the right approach can make this time in our lives easier!

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