13 Dec 2022

The Benefits of Pea Shoots for Healthy Hair

Peas are an enormously popular food in the UK. We’ve been eating them in one form or another for centuries. Today, an average Briton eats 9,000 peas a year! And it’s no surprise that they’re so popular. They go with a huge variety of meals (think of fish and chips without them) and they’re packed with vitamins, fibre and protein. They're easy to cook and freeze perfectly - everyone has some in their freezer. Everyone knows peas are good for you. But, what’s not so well known is that in their pea shoot form, they can work wonders for the health of your hair. Here’s the lowdown.  

What are Pea Shoots?

 Woman holding pea shoots

Pea shoots are the young, tender leaves, stems and tips of any pea plant. But don’t let their tender nature fool you – pea shoots are exceptionally hardy plants. From the outset, they need to contend with disease, wind, rain, UV rays and the many herbivores that find them as delicious as we do. They contain powerful minerals, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to protect them against these threats. And some of these ingredients are enormously beneficial for your hair.

Essential Hair Vitamins

We all know that our bodies require key nutrients to stay in best condition. And our hair is no different, and that’s where pea shoots step in. They have vitamin A and vitamin C in abundance. Vitamin A is nutrient that cells need to reproduce and grow, and hair is the quickest growing tissue in the body. It also promotes the production of sebum, ensuring your skin glands keep your scalp hydrated. Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen, which is thought to aid the construction of the main component in hair – keratin. So, these vitamins play a key role in the creation of healthy and strong hair.  


Another enormous hair health benefit of pea shoots is their antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help protect cells from free radicals. These are naturally occurring byproducts created when your body processes oxygen. In a process known as oxidative stress, free radicals cause damage to living cells and tissues. They play a major part in ageing and have been linked to diseases like cancer. And studies have shown that they adversely affect hair as we age too. Antioxidants help stop the formation of free radicals, and pea shoots contain vitamins A, C and K - all excellent antioxidants.

Hair Growth

The powers of the mighty pea shoot don’t stop there! In addition to laying the groundwork for healthy hair while fighting free radicals, studies have shown they directly promote hair growth in two further ways during the hair cycle. Firstly, pea shoots stimulate a molecule known as noggin. This protein helps to shorten the telogen (shedding) phase. And the shortening of this phase helps to strengthen hair follicle cells. Pea shoots also get to work on a molecule known as Fibroblast growth factor-7. This gives the vital dermal papilla cells a kick-start to get hair growth moving during the anagen (growing) phase.

How Do I Get My Hands on Pea Shoots?

Hair Gain Capsules Gummies and Hair Mask Image

Pea shoots are extremely easy to grow and cheap to buy, and they also sit beautifully in many recipes. But a far more effective way of getting this amazing superfood concentrated into your system is with brilliant supplements. Our Hair Gain supplements contain the unique AnaGain™ ingredient, which is derived from the organic pea shoot. This clinically tested formula also contains key hair vitamins and minerals Biotin, Selenium and Zinc.

So, simply take two Hair Capsules or two Hair Gummies daily to harness the power of the pea shoot and give your hair the support it needs. And you'll also find this mighty ingredient in our hydrating, nourishing Hair Mask. Kick back and relax for just 10 minutes once or twice a week for the mask to work its magic!

Will It Work for Me?

Hair Gain was created to help the millions of women suffering with hair loss. In a recent clinical study, the exclusive AnaGain™ ingredient was shown to contribute to a 78% increase in hair growth in just 3 months. The Hair Gain supplements range are game-changing products, and they are vegan, vegetarian and Halal approved too. 

When we're on the go more than usual. Our new Hair Gain Peptide Puff™ non aerosol dry shampoo is perfect for busy lifestyles while not compromising our hair's health!

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