28 Mar 2024

Is Dry Shampoo Bad For Your Hair?

Dry shampoo’s been around for centuries in one form or another. As far back as the 16th century, women used clay powders to clean their hair. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the idea of bathing wasn’t very popular in those days! But in recent years, it has really come into its own as a quick and convenient way to freshen up hair without the need for washing. It’s now a staple in many hair care routines. But as its popularity has grown, so has the question: “is dry shampoo bad for your hair?” Join us as we take a deep dive into dry shampoo, its potential effects on hair and scalp health, and introduce you to our groundbreaking alternative, the Peptide Puff™ by Hair Gain.

What Is Dry Shampoo & How Does It Work?


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Dry shampoo is essentially a waterless method of absorbing oil, sweat and odour from the hair. The secret behind the product’s effectiveness lies in its ingredients, which are usually alcohol or starch-based substances. Applied to the roots and hair, these highly absorbent ingredients soak up the oils that can make hair look lank and greasy. The product is then brushed or massaged through the hair, leaving it freshened and revitalised. The ability to reduce the frequency of washes explains why it’s so popular among those with busy lifestyles.

Is Dry Shampoo Bad For Your Hair? The Potential Issues 

There’s no doubt that dry shampoo is massively convenient, and as it naturally stops hair being washed too often, that can be good news for your hair. However, frequent use of traditional dry shampoos can come at a cost.

Scalp Build Up 

Regular use of dry shampoos can lead to product accumulating on the scalp, which can clog hair follicles. Clogged hair follicles don’t make for a good environment for healthy hair growth. Many products also contain harsh chemicals which can irritate the scalp, especially for people with sensitive skin. Redness, inflammation and itching often result, which can trigger dandruff, scalp acne and even folliculitis. Hair loss can also occur in some cases. 

Excessive Dryness & Breakage 

Short chain alcohols (ethanol, propanol, propyls etc) are common ingredients found in traditional dry shampoos, particularly aerosol products. They’re great at absorbing oils – in fact, they’re too effective, stripping away natural oils. This leads to excessive dryness, which makes the hair very brittle and prone to breakage. Not a great result for anyone, but particularly bad for those of us combatting thin hair or hair fall.

How Often Should Dry Shampoo Be Used? 

With traditional products, moderation is key. A major problem with aerosol dry shampoos is that it’s almost impossible to target certain areas of the hair. They blast out everywhere, which means your hair and scalp gets far heavier coverage than it needs. Your carpets, curtains and furniture also get smothered! Less is more when it comes to dry shampoo, so once or twice a week is recommended for traditional products.

How Long Does Dry Shampoo Last? 

Longevity depends on several factors – the oiliness of the hair, the product’s formula and the environment too! But broadly speaking, dry shampoo lasts between one to two days.

Is Dry Shampoo Safe To Use? 

Used correctly, it is a safe and effective tool for managing hair between washes. It should always be used sparingly. A little goes a long way in absorbing excess oil and refreshing hair. Using products with gentle ingredients that are less likely to irritate the scalp or damage the hair is a must, especially for those with sensitive skin, or who have thin hair or hair fall.

Introducing Peptide Puff™ By Hair Gain


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Given the drawbacks of traditional dry shampoo, it’s clear that the world of hair care needs a kinder, hair and scalp friendly alternative. Step forward Peptide Puff™ by Hair Gain, our game-changing dry shampoo is designed to address these concerns and give women a product they can use without worry.

It’s formulated with a blend of complex peptides and amazing hair care actives, including biotin, caffeine and red clover extract. Dermatologically tested and backed by trichologists, its array of scalp-loving ingredients means even those with sensitive scalps can use it.

Convenient, Effective And No Waste 

As a non-aerosol product, with an exclusively designed padded puff applicator, you can target application to where it’s needed, rather than trying to control a spray that gets everywhere, including all over the carpet! The minimal waste means the Peptide Puff™ pot will last you much longer than traditional aerosol sprays. Small but perfectly formed, the pot fits in your handbag and can be used wherever you are, whenever you need it!

Not only good for your purse, Peptide Puff™ is free of the harmful propellants found in aerosol dry shampoos. So, it’s kind to the environment as well as your scalp and hair.

Instant Refresh 

Peptide Puff™ absorbs oil, grease, sweat and odour in an instant, adding volume body and texture to your tresses. It delivers an amazing and effortless “clean hair” feeling! Peptide Puff™ offers a gentle yet effective solution to refresh your hair without the negative side effects associated with many other dry shampoos. And the results speak for themselves – in an independent consumer study*, 88% of respondents found their hair felt instantly refreshed, while 97% reported no irritation or itchiness after using.


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Is Dry Shampoo Bad For Your Hair – Final Thoughts

With our lives being busier than ever, there’s no doubt dry shampoo is here to stay. While it’s a super-convenient way to keep hair looking fresh between washes, heavy use can cause hair and scalp issues. However, by choosing a next-generation product like Peptide Puff™ by Hair Gain, it’s possible to get all the benefits of dry shampoo while mitigating many of the drawbacks. It’s a brilliant new tool in your hair care arsenal! Incorporated in a balanced hair care routine with our fantastic Hair Gain Hair Capsules, Hair Gummies, Hair Mask and Scalp Foam will help maintain optimal hair health that balances convenience with caring for your hair and scalp.


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*Data from an independent consumer perception survey of 63 women using the Dry Shampoo. February 2024.