18 Mar 2024

The Best Dry Shampoo For Effortlessly Clean Looking Hair

In today’s high-speed world, we often find ourselves desperately juggling numerous responsibilities. Work, family and social commitments filling our time is the norm, and so products offering short-cuts can be a lifesaver! Convenient and offering a quick fix to refresh greasy and lifeless locks, it’s no surprise that dry shampoo has become a staple in many women’s hair routines. But it doesn’t come without drawbacks. Many products have been found to contain some rather unhealthy chemicals while the aerosol cans contribute to environmental pollution. They’re also cumbersome and the spray is as messy as hell and gets everywhere! But what if there was a solution that gave all the benefits while mitigating those drawbacks? Enter Hair Gain’s Peptide Puff™! Our new next generation, non aerosol dry shampoo is one of the best dry shampoo solutions now available and an absolute game changer in the world of hair care.


So, What Sets Peptide Puff™ Apart?

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Scientifically formulated with a sophisticated blend of peptides and powerful haircare ingredients such as biotin, caffeine and red-clover extract, this truly revolutionary dry shampoo not only revives dull and greasy locks between washes,  it nurtures both your hair and scalp at the same time!


Absorbs Oil, Grease & Sweat While Adding Volume

Peptide Puff™ absorbs oil, grease and sweat instantly, while it’s timeless salted sage and driftwood fragrance swiftly neutralises odours. It breathes new life into lacklustre tresses while adding enviable volume, body and texture for effortlessly clean looking hair.


Dermatologically Tested & Scientifically Formulated

Clinically and dermatologically tested - it's free from harsh chemicals and irritants, with a unique formula that stands out in the market for its scalp-friendly ingredients. This makes it suitable for those with the most sensitive of scalps. Its advanced peptide technology and haircare actives are designed to provide optimal care for your hair and scalp. You’ll find no benzene in the Peptide Puff™ either, we spent years researching and designing the best dry shampoo formulation with the best possible ingredients to care for your scalp and hair in between washes. And as with all Hair Gain products, it’s recommended and endorsed by Trichologists.


Kind To The Environment

Aerosol sprays are hammering the world around us. The Peptide Puff™ features a specially designed padded applicator, offering precise application with no harmful aerosols. This also minimises product waste, so you’ll enjoy a much longer-lasting pot of dry shampoo that goes onto your hair, not the carpet! It’s 100% vegan formulation is free of animal testing too.



We wanted this to be the best dry shampoo solution available and designed it to suit, support and enhance busy lifestyles. It comes in an innovative handbag-sized pot, so it’s perfect for on-the-go use, wherever you are!


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

In an independent consumer study* of the Peptide Puff™ Dry Shampoo, the results spoke for themselves. After the first use, 88% of participants found their hair felt instantly refreshed, while a whopping 97% found their hair felt less greasy. 97% also reported their scalp didn’t feel itchy after using Peptide Puff™, brilliant news for those of us with sensitive skin.


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The survey also revealed that 84% of respondents felt their hair gained volume after use, and 90% said the product didn’t weigh their hair down. Participants overwhelmingly (94%) felt the revolutionary dry shampoo was convenient enough to use on the go, and 98% felt that Peptide Puff™ was more environmentally friendly than aerosols.

Not only is Peptide Puff™ fast-working, kind, lightweight and convenient, but it lasts too! 92% reported that the dry shampoo lasted all day. It’s no surprise that 86% found that this amazing new product gave them all day confidence in their hair.

With such enormously positive feedback, it’s clear that Hair Gain Peptide Puff™ isn’t just another dry shampoo. Convenience, effectiveness and sustainability come together in this best dry shampoo, making Peptide Puff™ a must-have for women everywhere searching to achieve healthy, beautiful hair amidst their fast-paced lives.


Final Thoughts

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We at Hair Gain are proud to add another incredible, cutting-edge hair care product to our stable of award-winning topicals and supplements. Thousands of women across the world are discovering the difference that our Hair Gain Hair Capsules and Gummies, Hair Mask and Scalp Foam are making to their hair and scalp health. Our new Peptide Puff™ dry shampoo is an excellent addition to every woman’s hair regimen. Why settle for traditional dry shampoos with their harsh chemicals, waste, and damage to the planet? Upgrade to Peptide Puff™ Dry Shampoo and experience the difference for yourself. Your hair will thank you!


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*Data from an independent consumer perception survey of 63 women using the Dry Shampoo. February 2024.