29 Feb 2024

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair holds a timeless allure for many women. Embodying grace, beauty, and femininity, it can offer endless styling possibilities that exude confidence and sophistication. But achieving those looks can come at a heavy cost – heat damage, breakage, and hair fall. If you have fine hair or are concerned about hair fall, it’s essential to opt for styles that avoid strain on your hair and scalp. And that means giving styling tools and harsh products a wide berth too. Sounds impossible? Well, you can still rock stunning hairstyles without compromising your locks and scalp. Here are 6 easy hairstyles for long hair that will keep you looking fabulous while being gentle on your follicles.


Easy Low Bun 

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair Low Bun Image


It’s hard to find a more understated yet elegant look than a low bun. It delivers a chic, classy look – and it requires minimal effort and styling products. Start by gathering your hair into a loose ponytail at the nape and secure it with a hair tie. Next, softly twist the ponytail into a low bun and secure it with bobby pins. For added elegance, simply leave a few loose strands to frame the face. A fantastic, easy hairstyle for long hair that avoids excessive tension on the follicles.


Loose Waves

Nothing says effortless beauty like loose, gently tousled waves. And the good news is that you can nail the look without any of those pesky heat tools or harsh sprays or gels. After washing your hair, allow it to air dry partially until it’s a little damp. Then, gently twist small sections into loose coils, secure with clips or hair ties and let them dry off completely. Once dry, release the coils and lightly tousle your hair with your fingers. Effortless waves! For an even deeper result, try the sock waves hair hack – a TikTok sensation.

@realashleyrogers heatless sock curls tutorial 💗 #sockcurls #heatlesscurls #hairtok #trending ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) - CKay


Gentle French Braid

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair Gentle French Braid Image


An amazing easy hairstyle for long hair that creates an adorable, romantic look. It also keeps the hair off the face in a way that heightens feminine features and enhances beauty. To create the style, sweep all your hair to one side then loosely braid it, using small sections as you go. At the end of the process, simply secure the braid with a hair tie. For an even softer and fuller look, gently pull on the edges of the braid to loosen it up.


Half Up, Half Down

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair Half Up Half Down Image


An excellent choice for long hair. It beautifully combines the elegant look of an updo with the relaxed feel of wearing the hair down. Perfect for any occasion! It also works wonderfully for those of us with fine hair or experiencing hair fall, as it minimizes tension on the hair shaft. To achieve the look, part your hair horizontally and divide into two sections, one upper, one lower. Gather the top section from temples to crown and lightly secure with a hair tie or clip. Then simply leave the lower section loose to fall on your shoulders and back. Effortless, yet gentle style.


Messy Top Knot

Chic and versatile, a messy top knot is a go-to style for women that’s gentle on hair. It’s also an excellent way to dial up volume while emphasizing facial features. It’s also perfect for busy lifestyles as it takes very little time! Just gather your hair into a high ponytail and twist into a bun. Secure it with hair ties or bobby pins and you’re ready to go – a relaxed vibe and no stresses!

@bresheppard my go to hairstyle! #hairstyle #topknot #brondehair #messybun ♬ Smaller Acts - Zach Bryan


A Simple Headband

When inspiration is in short supply or you’re in a huge rush, a great accessory can work wonders for long hair. A well-placed headband not only keeps hair in place but also adds volume and texture to locks. Not just a stylish solution, but a very gentle option for those dealing with thin hair and fall. Pick a headband made from a soft, stretchy material and position it slightly back from your hairline. Our Hair Gain Headband is a super chic option that will elevate your look and add volume without putting your strands under any undue pressure.


Final Thoughts

Beauty should never come at the expense of your hair health. By adopting one of these easy hairstyles for long hair, you can achieve looks suitable for any occasion without compromising your hair or scalp. By waving goodbye to those damaging heat styling tools and harsh products, you’ll be showing your tresses they love they need! And by incorporating Hair Gain’s award-winning Hair Capsules and Gummies, and our amazing Hair Mask and Scalp Foam into your hair health regimen, you’ll be promoting healthy hair growth while making your natural hairstyles look their very best.


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