14 Jan 2022

Best Tips and Styles for Air-Dried Hair

We all know what heat styling can do. Not only does it eat into time in our already hectic lives, but it plays havoc with our hair health. Constant use of the hairdryer, the straightening iron and curling tongs rob your locks of precious moisture, making them dry, brittle and susceptible to breakage. Putting these styling tools back in their drawer can work wonders for your hair – but embracing our natural look can be a scary thought! But there is no need to worry – just follow our useful tips and you’ll be able to get a super-chic air-dried hair style and give your locks the break from the heat they deserve.

Just How Do You Air Dry Your Hair?

OK – I’ll level with you. Although it sounds simple, if you’ve ever washed your hair and left it to mother nature, you may have been left with a limp, flat and frizzy look, especially in the hot summer months. Unless you’re very lucky, when you air dry doing nothing is not an option – you do need to do a little work. But once you know the steps, you’ll be air drying hair, and getting a stunning look. And be kind to your hair at the same time! Here’s how.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

The first step towards your glam new air-dried hair style is to get your hair and scalp properly hydrated. In the shower, make sure you are using a gentle moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Avoiding products rich in sulphates and harsh chemicals is a must. At least once a week, give your locks and scalp the TLC they need by using our Hair Gain Hair Mask. This will help hydrate your hair from root to tip while stimulating and nourishing your scalp. It’s simple to use and only needs to be left in for 10 minutes to work its magic. A great frizzy hair treatment. 

Cool Rinse

After you wash out your conditioner or hair mask, rinse your hair with cold water. Don’t worry – you don’t need to go full arctic but it should be cooler than room temperature. It will help seal the cuticles and lock in that precious moisture.

Drop That Towel!

No matter how soft and pricey the towel – it’s best to keep it away from your hair. We’ve known since the mid-70s that towel-drying can be very damaging to hair. Vigorous rubbing of cloth fibres on wet locks can cause breakage and frizz hair. Even wrapping your hair up in a towel can flatten hair and cause strands to break. Not only does it dry hair, but it dries it out. Instead, gently squeeze wet hair with your fingers to help dry it. If you must use a towel, then use it to gently blot your locks.

Use A Comb

When you’ve soaked up the excess water, take a wide-tooth comb and gently run through your hair. This will detangle any knots and help to make your hair smooth and shiny. Our new Hair Gain Comb is the perfect tool for the job. Suitable for all hair types, it effortlessly moves through your hair to remove pesky tangles. If you prefer a parting in your air-dried style, then use the comb to section your hair accordingly. It’ll then dry in place! 

Leave To Dry

Now, relax and let your hair dry. Resist the urge to touch your locks at all costs – so no brushing, scrunching or twirling with your fingers. Wet or damp hair is easily broken – don’t undo all your good work!

Great Air-Dried Styles

Whatever your hair type and texture, there’s an air-dried style to suit. Try one of these great looks and show off your new skills to the max.



The epitome of easy style, this classic cut is simple to maintain and is tailor-made for air-drying. Works very well on straight and wavy hair, and for those with curly hair, a layered bob cut is a beautiful look.

Shag Cut


Shag cuts are slated to be super-hot in 2022. Messy by their very nature, these cuts are perfect for air-drying. Low-maintenance and with all those layers, easily adaptable – add in some bangs if the mood takes you.



Ultra-chic and always fashionable, a pixie’s a great (and incredibly quick) option for an easy air-dried look.

Half-Up Half-Down

Best Tips & Styles For Air-Dried Hair HALF UP HALF DOWN IMAGE

This style is infinitely flexible (there are dozens of variations) and require very little effort, making them an ideal style for air-drying. Simply divide your hair into two parts – one upper, one lower. Tie the top part into a gentle ponytail, a bun or even a braid. Then, leave the lower part to flow down at the back.

Long Layers with Feathered Ends

Best Tips & Styles For Air-Dried Hair LAYERS FEATHERS IMAGE

Feathered hairstyles have zoomed into fashion recently. The cut chops into the ends to make hair look layered, softer and feathery! It’s a perfect partner for air-drying. And if you have thin hair or hair fall, this style adds plenty of volume.


Whatever air-dried style you go for, build in hair accessories to your look. They’re currently bang on trend and they are a great way to add chic to your style with very little effort! Factor in a hair clip or a gentle scrunchie. Give your hair a fabulous flourish with our new Hair Gain Headband: super-cute and super-kind to your locks.

Final Thoughts

We hope you find these tips useful and try a new air-dried hair style soon! Whatever style you have, if you have thin hair or hair loss, give your locks the support they need with our Hair Gain Capsules and Gummies. Their exclusive AnaGain™ ingredient can help your hair become fuller and thicker at the root, while the formula is packed with essential aminos, vitamins and minerals and aminos to boost your hair health from the inside.

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