30 Sep 2021

Six Healthy Hair Habits to Adopt

We have put together six healthy hair habits to adopt, which will help you to keep your hair healthy and looking its best.

Use the right hairbrush for your hair length and type

Brushes or combs with fine bristles can damage your hair because they can cause too much friction. They often end up pulling out individual strands of hair. Instead, opt for a wide-tooth comb. Try our new Hair Gain Comb, it glides through unruly locks and easily detangles knots in all hair types.
healthy hair habits



Take Time for Hair Masks

A deep conditioning treatment at least once a week will keep your strands hydrated and smooth.  Use more frequently, if you use hot tools regularly. Try our Nourishing Miracle Treatment Hair Mask (available in 50ml or 180ml) for stronger and healthier looking hair and increased vitality and shine. Use our hair mask and comb set to evenly distribute the mask throughout your locks.


Turn down the temperature

Try to reduce the number of times you use styling tools during the week. And, turn down the temperature in your shower. Super hot water on a daily basis can irritate your scalp and potentially weaken your hair. Keep the temperature warm and at the end of your shower, do a quick cold water rinse to seal the cuticles shut and boost shine.


Eat a balanced diet

Ensure you have a rich variety of wholesome foods in your diet. Your hair is mostly made up of protein so eating protein-rich foods is important. Be sure to add fish, meat, eggs and beans to your weekly shopping list. For additional nutritional support, try our award-winning Hair Gain Gummies. They combine clinically tested ingredients with essential vitamins to support healthy hair from within. Plus they are a delicious apple and berry flavour. 
healthy hair habits


Don't skip your scalp

The skin on our scalp takes a lot of punishment and is one of the most overlooked areas of our body. But healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp! If you notice any dryness or itching or other scalp issues then your hair will be affected by this. To maintain a balanced scalp you need to look after it as you would any other area of your skin. Treat yourself to a weekly scalp massage or scalp facial using our Hair Mask to give it an intensive and nourishing treatment.

Use the Right Ponytail Holder

Using elastic ponytail holders or metal clasps can cause breakage, split ends and frizz. Once direct damage is done to the hair shaft it is irreversible. To prevent breakage, you need a tie that will not pull or snag on your hair. Try using a scrunchie or knotted ribbon hair tie instead. A great healthy hair habit to adopt. 

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