15 Dec 2021

Hot Hairstyles For 2022

2022 will be an exciting year for hairstyles. If you’re looking to make a big change, or want to try something a little more subtle, here are five hot hairstyles for 2022.

With all the various lockdowns and social distancing restrictions over the last 18 months, many of us have swapped the salon for a more laidback look.

There have been plenty of domestic hairdo disasters, terrible hair cuts and split ends on show, but plenty of stunning successes too! If you’re a fan of the natural look, there's good news. We’ll see many of these easy to manage hairstyles carry on through 2022.

But if you’re looking to wash the pandemic out of your hair, there are loads of bold and liberating styles you can go for. And if you have thin hair, there are plenty of options for you to adopt a great new look.


The 70s Shag

70s shag


Retro looks will be big in 2022. One killer trend will take us right back to the era of flares, micro mini-skirts, bell bottoms and platform shoes. Yes…. it’s the 1970s! The shag haircut, with its choppy, layered style is making a big comeback.

The style was the epitome of 70s cool. Carnaby Street models, Hollywood actors and rock stars all sported a shag haircut. The look is super-versatile and can be worn on short or long hair, straight or curly. Layered cuts are also great for anyone with hair fall or fine hair. The cut adds shape, depth and volume to locks, whatever the length.

It also doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, especially useful for those wanting to avoid harsh chemicals or products. Get out of bed, ruffle your hands through your hair and you’re ready to go.

The Blunt Bob

The Blunt Bob


The blunt bob is an old classic. It originated in the early 20th century and was a key feature of 1920s flapper chic. The style then came back big time in the 1960s, when legendary stylist Vidal Sassoon brought it back to life. The blunt bob, a sleek and trim cut with a straight line at the ends, will be a very hot hairstyle in 2022.

This dramatic look works for a wide range of hair textures and face shapes. It’s an elegant, sophisticated style but doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. It also makes hair look thicker and healthier. The straight lines of the style help to make thin tips appear much stronger.

If you’re looking for an edgy new look but are nervous about going super short, a blunt bob is a great way to dip your toe in the water. It’ll really bring out your bone structure and draw attention to your eyes too.

Wispy Bangs

Hot Hairstyles for 2022 Wispy Bangs


2021 was the year of the curtain bangs. While they aren’t going anywhere soon, they can be pretty high maintenance! The heavy centre parting and curved shape need a lot of work. The length has to be just right and you need a lot of styling and products to nail and hold the look.

2022 will see the rise of a far lower maintenance style – take a bow wispy bangs! Wispy bangs are soft, lightweight and lightly feathered bangs. This versatility is their major strength. Not only do they work equally well on long or short styles, but whatever your face shape and features, you’ll find a fringe to suit.

Go long and outgrown, short with shaggy layers (particularly good for those with fine hair) or stay as you are and build some wispy bangs into your current look.

The Pixie/Mixie/Bixie

Hot Hairstyles 2022 Pixie Mixie Bixie


After so long spent indoors many of us will take the plunge and go for brave and rejuvenating new style statements in 2022. Expect short styles to be big 2022 hair trends. 

Buzz cuts are not for the faint-hearted, but for those who want to want to try a short cut, the pixie cut is of course a classic. And it will always be a radical move, never boring! It looks great on women of all ages and can be cut to suit any face shape. Whatever version you opt for, the look is always super-feminine. There are also so many variations – in addition to the more classic pixie shapes we’ll be seeing the “Bixie” (a cross between a pixie and a bob) and “Mixie” (a pixie with a mullet) in magazines and on social media. Whatever the shape - a hot hairstyle for 2022!

Short hair is one of the best ways to handle thin hair or hair fall issues. For those new to the pixie look, be aware of one thing. While the style can be super low maintenance, you’ll need regular trims to keep it in top shape.  

Vivid Overlays

Vivid overlays


Natural colours with vivd highlights in shades of pinks, blues and lilacs are growing in popularity and will certainly add some drama to your hairstyle for 2022

Stylists are starting to see more and more requests for natural colours with vivid highlights, By blending the pop of colour from the vivid tones it can create depth with your natural base which can be both visually impactful and balanced. 

Final Thoughts - Hot Hairstyles 2022

So, there you have it - five hot hairstyles for 2022. Whatever new look you pick (or if you stay the same!), give your locks the extra support they need in 2022 with our Hair Gain Gummies and Capsules. They contain the unique AnaGain™ ingredient which promotes fuller and thicker hair at the root, restoring vitality and shine.


hot hairstyles for 2022


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