29 Dec 2023

Hair Trends 2024

The start of a new year is a great time for reflection and renewal. And for many of us, it’s an opportunity to give ourselves a boost with a new look! And what could be better way to start 2024 than with a new hair style or colour? 2023 was the year of side partings, box bobs, butterflies and bedheads. Meanwhile, warm blondes, chocolate browns and rich reds ruled the colour roost. But what will the next 12 months bring? Here’s what 2024 hair trends are going to dominate in what promises to be an exciting year!

Au Naturel

A major 2024 hair trend will see a move away from heavily styled hair and towards natural textures. As we become more aware of the damage heat styling and harsh chemicals do to our locks, we’re slowly quitting our addiction to these tools and treatments! And for women battling hair thinning and fall, it’s a trend that can’t come soon enough. Whether it’s straight, wavy or curly, 2024 will see many more of us embracing and showcasing the natural texture of our hair. It’ll certainly introduce some fantastically individual styles too – as everyone’s hair is so different. Not only great looks to be seen, but much healthier ones too.

Bobs Big Again!



The bob haircut never seems to go out of fashion. It seems to have a truly timeless appeal! The style has many variants and that’s possibly the secret of the bob’s ongoing success. Blending sophistication, chic with low-maintenance ease, bobs are perfect for lazing around at home or the most demanding social occasion. A bob is also ideal for those of us with fine hair and hair fall, as the cut removes weight from the hair. This makes hair look thicker and more voluminous. And there will be a lot of bob options in 2024. From baroque and mini to 1990s and angular – something for every face shape and hair texture. And the classic bob got a major social media boost from Hailey Bieber in mid-2023. Expect the look to remain a hot 2024 hair trend.



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Bangs remain a versatile and ever-popular option, and there will be several hot looks to choose from over the next year! The soft look of curtain bangs will be widely seen again but keep a look out for wispy bangs. Light and feathered, they’re a great option for those of us with thin hair or fall, or those looking to experiment with bangs without going all out! Side-swept bangs will also become increasingly popular hair trend in 2024.

Retro Rocks


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Nostalgia always seems to play a big role in hair trends and 2024 will be no exception! The influence of the late nineties and early noughties was heavily apparent in 2023, with chunky highlights and butterfly clops. We also saw the return of the iconic ‘Rachel’ cut. In 2024, 1970s hairstyles will be a hot look, with the classic 70’s shag up front and centre. Think Farrah Fawcett-inspired feathered layers, balancing a carefree, California sun-kissed chic with an elegant style.


While a new hair style can invent you anew, changing the colour of your tresses can give a radical twist. Whether you’re going for a bold new cut or staying with what you have, a new colour can propel your look to new heights. Here’s what shades will be on point in 2024:

Bold Reds


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Reds will remain in vogue – but even bolder than before. Deep crimson shades will make for a striking and edgy look, and ‘cowboy’ copper is trending hard too.

Blended Shades

Colour melting, where two or more shades blend into one another, will be much in evidence on the catwalks and on social media. Could 2024 be the year of the “bronde” – a seamless mix of blonde and brunette?

Unconventional Hues

We should expect the unexpected over the next 12 months. We’ll see unusual electric blues, bright purples and grey contouring!

Remember that many dyes contain harsh chemicals that can spell bad news for your hair and scalp. Use them sparingly or opt for one of the many fantastic natural alternatives out there.

Dry Shampoo 


dry shampoo


Dry shampoo has become a staple of hair care in recent years. This trend shows no sign of slowing down and will remain a hugely popular way of refreshing hair between washes. But traditional aerosol dry shampoos come with drawbacks, including hair and scalp issues. They're also bad for the environment. Enter Hair Gain's Peptide Puff™, a revolutionary new non-aerosol dry shampoo that mitigate these issues. By harnessing the power of peptides and other nourishing ingredients, Peptide Puff™ offers a sustainable, gentle alternative that rejuvenates the hair and scalp without the negative impacts of aerosol sprays

Personalised Hair Care

2023 was the year personalised hair care burst into the mainstream, and it’s going to be an even bigger hair trend in 2024. In the same way we’re being more mindful of the damage certain products and practices wreak on our locks, we’re now growing more aware of how we need to follow an individual approach to hair health in general. Hair cycling, where we rotate hair care products to support our unique hair type and texture, will be practised widely. It’s part of a deeper trend towards a holistic approach to hair care, where we eat the right food and supplements, tackle stress and consider our overall wellness as part of our hair regimen.

2024 Hair Trends - Final Thoughts

Hair Trends 2024 Product Image

It’s going to be another year of innovation with a multitude of fantastic styles and shades available to suit every face shape and hair texture. But underneath all those cuts and colours, perhaps the most important trend is that whatever look we choose, we’ll do so with the health of our locks at the forefront of our minds. Prioritise your hair health with Hair Gain’s award-winning range of amazing hair supplements and topicals. By combining our Hair Gain Capsules and Gummies with our intensely hydrating and nourishing Hair Mask and Scalp Foam, you’ll be looking after your hair and scalp on the inside as well as the outside.

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