04 Dec 2023

Gaby Roslin: “It’s Hair Gain, it’s Green, it’s Magnificently Wonderful!”

At Hair Gain, we take immense joy and pride in sharing the success stories of our devoted users. And it’s not just because we know that our products deliver amazing results. It’s also because each story tells us that we’re not just helping to transform hair, but also the confidence and happiness of thousands of women. So, we were delighted that radio and TV personality Gaby Roslin has discovered the sensational powers of our fantastic Hair Mask!

So Easy to Use

Speaking to her 309,000 followers, Gaby sang the praises of the mask to her Instagram fans. Sitting on a white carpet, the star showed how easily the green coloured mask is applied. And she shared how great results could be achieved in only 15-20 minutes!


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“I bought Hair Gain Hair Mask a few months ago and was totally blown away by how blooming amazing it was”, said Roslin. “It makes your hair so soft and takes the dryness away. Yes, I dye my hair and yes, I use a hairdryer & a straightener & wands (not all at the same time and not every day). But my hair was really getting so dry at the ends, and it felt just rather yuck! But after using this amazing hair mask (spread it all over your towel dried hair) I instantly saw and felt a big difference.”

“I have told all my friends about it. The ones who have tried it all agree it’s magical,” she continued.

Proven Results

But don’t just take Gaby Roslin’s word for it. The results speak for themselves. Scientifically formulated to deeply nourish and hydrate the hair, while nurturing and revitalising the scalp, Hair Gain's award-winning Hair Mask is proven to reduce hair breakage and hair fall by up to 60% from the first use.* It's no wonder celebs like Gaby Roslin and Denise van Outen love it so much!

How Does it Work?

The Hair Gain Hair Mask contains the powerful AnaGain™ ingredient. Derived from the small but mighty organic pea shoot, this amazing compound prolongs the life cycle of hair. This helps thicken, strengthen and restore vitality and shine to your hair.  Designed for all hair types and conditions, the mask also contains Panthenol, Natural Betaine and Phytantriol. These combine to help protect against damage, spilt ends and colour fading, while providing long-lasting moisture.

Expert Endorsement

Leading Trichologist Samantha Stewart MIT says, “I absolutely love the Hair Gain Hair Mask. This fantastic hair mask not only protects the hair shaft against moisture loss but also aids healthy hair growth.”

Final Thoughts


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Gaby Roslin is one of thousands of women on their Hair Gain journey with our fantastic, award-winning products. Our range of supplements and topicals are all powered by the exclusive AnaGain™ ingredient. Take two Hair Gain Hair Capsules or Gummies daily and use our hydrating and nourishing Hair Mask and new Scalp Foam. Like Gaby and many, many others, you can harness the might of the pea shoot too.

As the star told her Instagram fans - “It’s Hair Gain, it’s green, it’s magnificently wonderful.” ‘Nuff said!

When we're on the go, our new Hair Gain Peptide Puff™ dry shampoo is perfect for busy lifestyles while not compromising our hair's health!


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*Independently tested (brushing test) May 2023, results achieved when tested as a regime with the Hair Gain Scalp Foam