02 Nov 2023

Denise van Outen’s Hair Gain Gummies Transformation!

At Hair Gain, our mission is to help the millions of women with thin hair and hair fall to achieve thicker, fuller and healthier hair. We are proud of creating award-winning hair products that deliver amazing results to our customers. We love hearing about the positive impact our products have on our customers, and we love sharing their stories! We were delighted to hear TV star Denise van Outen waxing lyrical about our brilliant Hair Mask. But her Hair Gain journey hasn’t stopped there. Denise van Outen has been using our Hair Gain Hair Gummies, and the results have been amazing!

Thicker, Fuller Hair


Sharing her hair care story with her 715,000 Instagram followers, the star revealed she had been taking 2 Hair Gain Hair Gummies every morning for the past 3 months. And she delightedly reported that “I am so super happy – my hair is thicker and fuller!”

Not only had Denise noticed the difference, but her hair stylist had too. Previously, when visiting the salon, shedding issues were apparent, with hair left on the hairbrush. But now, shedding “has been minimal, if not nothing” since taking the delicious apple and berry flavoured hair gummies. You know you’re doing something right if your hair stylist sees the difference!

Hair, Skin & Nails

And the excellent results she’s seen go further than the thicker and fuller locks Denise is now enjoying. Speaking candidly, the blonde bombshell said, “my skin’s better, my nails are stronger.”  

The Power of the Pea

Hair Gain’s award-winning Hair Gummies are scientifically formulated to support healthy hair from within. Combining an amazing blend of essential hair vitamins and minerals with the exclusive AnaGain™ ingredient, derived from organic pea shoots, Hair Gain Gummies are designed to deliver visibly fuller and thicker hair in just 3 months of use. They also support skin, nails and the body’s collagen production.

Recommended by trichologists, vegan friendly, Halal certified and containing no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners, it’s no wonder that Denise van Outen has fallen in love with Hair Gain Hair Gummies. As she told her hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, “I am going to keep taking these forever!”

Final Thoughts

Denise van Outens Hair Gain Hair Gummies Transformation Blog Product image


Hair Gain believe that every woman deserves beautiful hair. Our products are created to help achieve that goal. Denise van Outen is one of thousands of women on their Hair Gain journey with our brilliant products. Our range of supplements and topicals are powered by the exclusive AnaGain™ ingredient. Take two Hair Gain Hair Gummies or Capsules daily and use our nourishing and hydrating Hair Mask and Scalp Foam topicals. Then, like Denise and thousands of others, you can harness the might of the pea shoot too.  

Our busy lifestyles can often make hair care hard to fit in. Our new Hair Gain Peptide Puff™ non aerosol dry shampoo freshens hair without compromising the health of our scalp and hair. 


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