29 Jun 2023

New Study Shows Hair Gain Hair Capsules Deliver Amazing Results

An incredible 8 million British women suffer from hair loss. The culprits behind the condition vary; from overstyling and stress to menopause and childbirth. But whatever the cause, hair fall often hugely impacts a woman’s emotional wellbeing and self-esteem.  Losing hair is distressing, but there are ways to fight back. A new independent 3 month study has proven that our wonder supplements powered by organic pea shoots can reverse signs of hair loss while promoting fuller and thicker locks. It’s never been clearer that Hair Gain Hair Capsules are a weapon every woman experiencing hair fall should have in her armoury.

What The Study Revealed

The study* took place across 3 months this year and involved over 100 women. The results were stunning. As a result of taking Hair Gain Hair Capsules for 3 months, a massive 91% of participants found that their hair felt stronger, fuller, and healthier, while 86% noticed that there had been a reduction in overall hair fall. Meanwhile, 86% found their scalp appeared less visible.

The report also revealed that not only were the benefits of taking Hair Gain Hair Capsules physical, but also psychological. The women on the study overwhelmingly found the hair capsules had a significant effect on their emotional wellbeing. 88% reported they had newfound confidence in their hair, while 84% of the women involved felt less self-conscious.

One of the women surveyed said: “Not only have they improved my hair but also my mental health. I used to really get upset about my hair thinning due to the menopause and was so worried I would go bald. I now notice lots of regrowth and my confidence has improved dramatically.”

How Do Hair Gain Hair Capsules Work?

Hair Gain Hair Capsules Pea Shoots image

Hair Gain’s Hair Capsules are powered by AnaGain™, a phytonutrient derived from organic pea shoots. Humble the pea shoots may be, but this superfood packs a mighty punch. The unique AnaGain™ ingredient promotes hair growth by working in the natural hair cycle itself. Firstly, it stimulates a molecule known as noggin, a protein involved in the development of many body tissues. Noggin helps reduce the shedding (telogen) phase in the cycle. Then, those fabulous pea shoots weave their spell on a molecule called Fibroblast growth factor-7. This encourages the crucial dermal papilla cells to activate the hair follicles, pushing them along during the key growing (anagen) phase.

What Does All That Science Actually Mean?

All this activity can result in an increased number of hairs being grown, while existing hair strength is boosted. This process leads to better hair growth, as well as a reduction in hair fall and breakage. The exclusive Hair Gain formula contained in our hair capsules also includes key hair vitamins and minerals Biotin, Selenium, Niacin and Zinc. Not only is hair made stronger and fuller, but the capsules also work to deliver vitality and shine whilst helping to nourish and hydrate the scalp.

Endorsed by leading trichologists, our Hair Gain Hair Capsules give added support for collagen production too, boosting the health of skin and nails.

Case Studies

Although the Hair Gain team were delighted by the powerful findings of the survey, it didn’t come as a great surprise. Many of the women who participated in the study have shared the wonderful results they’ve experienced after taking our Hair Gain Hair Capsules, and some have even sent remarkable before and after shots!

Latinka Kelly's Story

Latinka Kelly Hair Gain Capsules Before & After Image

After suffering from Covid-19, Latinka Kelly found her hair started to shed, which took a considerable toll on her self-esteem. Desperate to find a solution, the 35-year-old Mum tried numerous supplements with no effect until she chanced upon Hair Gain.

Just six weeks after starting Hair Gain Hair Capsules, Latinka found the thickness of her hair improved dramatically. She says: “I now love the way my hair feels and looks. It’s noticeably thicker and has a nice shine to it. I’ve noticed I have so much new hair growing and it looks healthy and strong, which is amazing.”

Hayley Evans

Hayley Evans Hair Gain Before & After Image

38-year-old Hayley Evans also found her hair began to thin because of the pandemic. Hayley, a Pharmacy Technician and Mum-of-Two, faced huge pressure as a key worker whilst having to look after her young children when schools and nurseries were closed. The stress soon began to take a physical toll, and her hair was badly affected.

Her self-esteem collapsed as her hair started thinning at the sides. To Hayley, losing her once “long and thick” locks felt “like losing a safety blanket.”

Like Latinka, Hayley experienced great results after just 6-8 weeks of taking Hair Gain Hair Capsules. Her self-confidence returned due to her hair “feeling so much fuller.”

Felicity Abbott

Felicity Abbott Hair Gain Hair Capsules Before & After Image

44-year-old Mum Felicity Abbott began to experience hair fall after she gave birth to her son. Like Hayley and Latinka, this had a negative emotional effect on her. "I felt much less confident. I really worried about how it looked. It really made me feel different about myself."

Felicity decided to try Hair Gain Capsules, and saw results in just one month, noticing new hair coming through where it had been thinning. "The capsules have been life changing. I feel more like the old me!"

If you’re one of the millions of women suffering with hair fall, then why not join the 89% of women who found using our Hair Capsules were the solution to keeping the hair on their head and not in their hairbrush?**

Final Thoughts

Our founder Lucy Palmer, inspired by her own struggle with post-partum hair loss, created Hair Gain to help women suffering with thinning locks. We’re all so proud of the work we do, and the messages and stories from our customers inspire us to work even harder to help fight the condition whilst raising awareness of it. 

Powered by AnaGain™, our range of supplements and topicals are clinically proven to support hair and scalp health while fighting hair fall. Just take two Hair Gain Hair Capsules or Gummies daily to harness the might of the pea shoot. You’ll also find this game-changing ingredient in our hydrating and nourishing Hair Mask and our new Scalp Foam.

*The 3 month independent consumer study of 106 participants was conducted in Feb-May 2023.

**89% of women noticed less hair in their hairbrush after taking the capsules for a period of 3 months.

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