24 Oct 2023

Top 6 TikTok Hair Hacks

TikTok has taken the world by storm since it went global in 2017. Its brilliant blend of short, entertaining videos and fun viral challenges have made it a cultural phenomenon. But it has also become an incredible hub for beauty and hair hacks, where women across the world share fantastic tips and tricks for achieving stunning locks. And this includes some wonderfully helpful ideas for the millions of us fighting thinning hair and hair fall. Here are 6 of the best TikTok hair hacks that can help us regain confidence in our locks.

Heatless Styling Hair Hacks

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We are utterly addicted to our tongs, straighteners, and dryers. But we all know that excessive heat styling is a recipe for hair damage and fall. Want a great hair blowout without exposing your tresses to the heat? TikTok has the answers. Check out sock curls for a brilliant heatless styling solution. Simply roll damp hair round a sock and keep in overnight. When you wake up, you’ll have bouncy, heat-free curls!

Silk Pillowcase Hack


@tessapeay Why i will only sleep on silk 👑✨💕 🔗 my silk bonnet #hairtok #hairtiktok #silkbonnet #silkpillowcase #splitends #frizzyhair #hydratinghaircare #healthyhair #hairgoals #haircare #tessapeay #haircareroutine #longhair ♬ Kingdom Dance - From "Tangled"/Score - Alan Menken

TikTokers are raving about this hack. Silk pillowcases reduce friction on your hair, which minimizes breakage and the dreaded frizz and split ends. It’s an effortless change that’s gentle on your facial skin as well as your hair.

Hairstyle Hair Hacks


@diyhairschool Easy half up hairstyle for thin hair. Claw clip hairstyles are great for thin fine hair #diyhairschool #realhair #finehairtips #easyhairstyles #thinhairproblems ♬ Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine

A well-styled haircut is a fantastic way to make hair look thicker.  TikTok is packed with haircuts that add volume and texture to your locks. Layers, waves, and clever trims can work wonders in boosting your confidence. TikTok is a treasure trove of tutorials on protective hairstyles like loose braids, gentle twists, and buns that help reduce hair fall and prevent damage. These styles keep your hair secure and protected, minimizing stress on your follicles.

Scalp Massage Hair Hack


@zadehbeauty The proper way to scalp massage for hair growth💆🏻‍♀️ Try it for 1 minute a day #hairgrowthmassage #hairgrowthhacks #hairgrowthtipsandtricks #scalpmassage #scalpmassageforhairgrowth #hairgrowthtok ♬ original sound - Zadehbeauty

Scalp massages for thinning hair is one of the most popular TikTok hair hacks. Gently massaging your scalp can improve blood circulation, remove product build up and dead skin cells and even stimulate hair growth. Use a natural oil like coconut or castor, or even better, our amazing Hair Gain Hair Mask, and lightly massage into your scalp and locks with your fingers. You can even use a scalp massager!

Better Brushing


@kokofaceyoga #capcut how to brush hair to stop more hair loss 💇🏻‍♀️ #kokohayashi #kokofaceyoga #faceposture #faceyoga ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) - 山口夕依

Hair brushing isn’t difficult, but many of us get it wrong, which can badly damage our tresses. Simple and quick TikTok tutorials explain how to do it correctly, starting from the tips and moving towards the roots. Better brushing helps distribute natural oils and avoid breakage. Our wide-tooth Hair Gain comb is fantastic at detangling the most stubborn knots, on wet or dry hair.

Chemical-free Hair Dyeing


@rnabna DYING MY HAIR WITH HENNA 😘 i do this treament to deeply condition my hair, also the red tint favors my skin tone 🥰 pls keep the poop comments to a minimum lets respect the culture henna came from 🫶🏽 this is also a permanent hair color treatment. Lmk if you want a talk through video explaining the process, LOVE U 💓 #fyp #foryou #henna #hennatutorial #hennahair #hennahairdye #hennaart #curlyhair #naturalhair #viral #tutorial #hairtutorial #hairdye #dyingmyhair #naturalhaircare ♬ Tubarão Te Amo - DJ LK da Escócia & Tchakabum & Mc Ryan SP

Chemical dyes wreak havoc on hair and should be avoided for those fighting thin hair or fall. But there are many natural alternatives out there that can give your locks beautiful, rich tones without the harsh chemicals found in conventional dyes. Henna is a TikTok hair hack favourite!

TikTok Hair Hacks: Final Thoughts

Hair fall and thinning hair can be extremely stressful and upsetting for many women. So, it’s great to see a platform like TikTok helping to share stories and try to address these issues with innovative solutions. But it’s also important to remember that these hair hacks might not work for everyone. While they’re a great addition to our hair fall fighting arsenal, they need to be just a part of your hair health regimen. Build them around our amazing Hair Capsules and Gummies hair supplements, and our fantastic Hair Gain Hair Mask and Scalp Foam, and you’ll have everything in place to combat thinning hair and fall, inside and out!

And try our new Peptide Puff™ non aerosol dry shampoo - an amazing hair care hack that's perfect for busy lifestyles while not compromising our hair's health!

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