19 May 2022

How To Protect Your Hair On Holiday

Most of us adore sun holidays. Home or abroad, when the summer comes, we hit the beach, the sea or the pool to make the most of sun drenched days. But while we may love it, our hair certainly doesn’t! Exposure to hot sun, salt water and chlorine can play havoc with our locks. Nobody wants to come home with dry, dull and brittle hair, complete with frazzled ends and a flaky scalp, yet many of us do. We all know we need to look after our skin while we’re away, but it’s time we gave our tresses the same respect. Here’s how to protect your hair on holiday.


Head To The Salon

Head To the Salon


Before you get on the plane, make sure you’ve been to the salon to get holiday hair ready. Getting your hair trimmed will remove any dry, damaged and split ends. This will help protect your locks from further splits and breakage while you soak up the rays and cool off in the pool. Start your holiday the right way – with a haircut!


Wet Hair Before Swimming


Salt and chlorine aren’t good for your hair health. A great way to stop your strands absorbing them is to wet your hair before you dive into the pool or the sea. Hair can only absorb a certain amount of water. By pre-wetting, your locks will soak up a lot less harmful chemicals and salt. Use the poolside and beachside showers every time. If you can’t find one, bottled water is an even better way of drenching your hair before you dive in.


Post-Swim Rinse

Post-Swim Rinse


Chlorinated pool water can strip your hair of natural oils, making it less elastic, dry and weak. Meanwhile, the high salt concentration of sea water can leach moisture from hair, leaving it dehydrated and tangle prone. Double down on the protecting effects of a pre-swim hair soak by rinsing your hair after swimming. It will help remove any damaging chemicals and salt that have wormed their way into your strands.




Water adds significant weight to hair, which can weaken it. After a post-swim rinse, allow your hair to air-dry naturally in the warm sun. Do not be tempted to tie or bunch it up as that will lead to breakage. And leave your dryers, straighteners and curlers at home. Using these tools after a day in the sun will just make your locks even drier. Relax and go natural and give your hair a break too! A brilliant way to protect your hair on holiday.


Protect Your Hair On Holiday Wear A Hat


Wear A Hat


UK holidaymakers spend 7 hours a day in the sun on an average break. Protecting your hair and scalp is from the rays of the sun is vital.  Your head gets more exposure to the sun than any other part of your body, and the best way to protect it is by wearing a hat. The sun will dry and bleach your hair, and if your locks are thin, your scalp can easily become sunburnt. Wear a big, floppy hat and you can prevent this - paired with a great pair of shades, you’ll look super-chic too.


Hair Mask


When you’re on a sun holiday, your hair and scalp are taking some heavy punishment. Even when you use the gentlest and best shampoo and conditioner for holidays, you need extra support! What better way to help combat the damage and replenish and retain vital moisture and oils than a revitalizing hair mask? Our Hair Mask will nourish and hydrate your locks while helping to zap all those pool chemicals, sand and salt particles. It only needs to be left in for 10 minutes to work its magic. Use 2 or 3 times while you’re away and your hair and scalp will be eternally grateful. Don’t leave home without one the best hair products for holiday time in your luggage!


How To Protect Your Hair On Holiday


Don’t Brush – Comb!


No matter what your hair type, when you’re on a sun holiday, you need to be gentle with your hair. All that heat and humidity (as well as the sand and salt) are a recipe for tangles and knots. Using a brush will simply end up with you tugging and pulling at your tresses, resulting in damage and breakage. Use our Hair Gain wide tooth comb instead – it effortlessly detangles wet or dry hair without damaging your locks.  


Back To the Salon


When you return home, book in another trim at your hairdresser and get any damaged or split ends cut off. This will help your locks recover from the sun and sand, while perfecting your post-holiday look.


Final Thoughts


Now you know how to protect your hair on holiday, you can relax, kick back and have the great time you deserve. Wherever you go, have a wonderful break!


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