30 Mar 2022

Curly Hair 101 - How To Care For Your Curls

There’s no doubt about it – curly hair can look absolutely stunning. But while curls  get many compliments and envious looks, if you have natural curly hair, you’ll know caring for it can be a challenge! It can often seem that curls have a mind of their own, and bad hair days can happen very easily. And not only can these locks be unruly beasts, but they also tend to dry out very easily. This lack of moisture is caused by the curls themselves. The natural oils produced by your scalp simply find it difficult to navigate their way through the kinks and bends. Dryness can make curly hair coarse and frizzy, which makes it even more difficult to care for. But, with the right curly hair routine, your curls can look soft, full, shiny and gorgeous. Read on for our Curly Hair 101 – how to care for your curls.


Shampoo Wisely


Whatever hair texture you have, washing it is a key part of any hair care regimen. Washing is the best way to remove all the dust, dirt, dead skin cells, excess oils and product from your hair and scalp. But getting it wrong can wreak havoc with your tresses. Firstly, you need to ensure you choose the correct shampoo and conditioner. This means using products designed purely for curly hair. It seems obvious to say it, but so many people use the wrong products for their hair. Use mild shampoos and conditioners and look for ones with natural oils, keratin and aloe vera. Avoid anything with harsh chemicals like sulphates, silicons, parabens and alcohol.


As curly hair is already prone to dryness, you should look to limit the number of times you shampoo each week. Treating curly hair right is a must! Over-shampooing can open up your cuticles, stripping those precious natural oils away. It’s also likely to irritate your scalp. Wash your hair no more than 2-3 times a week. A key step in how to care for your curls. 


Curly Hair 101 - How To Care For Your Curls - COOL WATER IMAGE


Use Cool Water


While a hot shower can feel amazing, it’s unfortunately no friend to our hair! Much like over-shampooing, hot water showers can open up the cuticles, which tends to allow natural oils to be stripped away. While a cold-water shower is no fun at all (unless you’re into that sort of thing!), it will make those cuticles close shut. That will lock in those oils and moisture, making your hair softer and reducing the dreaded frizz!


Pre-Treat Your Hair


A great way to give your curly hair a boost in its battle against dryness, you should use a pre-shampoo treatment. One way is to put conditioner in your hair before you shampoo. Half an hour in advance, simply apply through dry hair. Then wash with shampoo as normal and condition once again. An even better pre-shampoo treatment is to use a hair mask. Great hair masks nourish and hydrate locks while revitalising the scalp. Using them will help protect the hair strands, preventing them being stripped of their natural oils. Our Hair Mask has been scientifically formulated to hydrate and nourish hair from root to tip. It will deeply condition your tresses, helping you hold onto moisture. Your scalp will thank you too! Best of all, it’s so simple to use and you only need to leave it in for 10 minutes for great results.  


Curly Hair 101 - How To Care For Your Curls - Bin The Brush Image

Bin The Brush


If you have curly hair and if you’re using a brush on it, you need to stop. As curly hair tends to be dryer and brittle, brushing can easily cause breakage while encouraging our friend frizz to appear. It’s especially bad when your hair is wet, but it’s better avoided altogether. Instead, invest in a good quality, wide-tooth comb. While your hair is wet, use the comb to gently work out any tangles and break up any knots. This will help detangle your locks while avoiding damage or breakage.


Air-Dry Your Hair


Heat styling tools come with high temperatures. No matter what texture the hair, high temperatures cause damage. But they can be especially bad for curly hair, as they remove all that natural texture and shape while promoting frizziness. Much better to allow your curls to air-dry naturally. If you have to heat-style your hair, at least limit it as far as you can, and use tools that have different heat-settings. This will allow you to lower the heat, which will help. Hair dryers should be set to moderate or low and held 6-8 inches from your head. Using the diffuser will also limit the heat’s impact on individual strands.


Sleep Well


Everyone knows how beneficial getting the right amount of sleep is for your overall health. Sleeping well is also hugely important in maintaining your hair health. But if you have curly hair, not only do you need to get adequate sleep, but you need to sleep in the right way too! If you tend to sleep on your back, then that’s going to put all the weight on your hair follicles, causing knots and frizzing (again!). Sleeping on your side, or even better, your front, will help alleviate these problems. If your sheets and pillowcases are cotton – swap them for satin or silk products. These materials cause less friction than cotton and they also won’t soak up your natural oils to the same degree.  “Pineappling”, where hair is loosely gathered into a bun or gentle ponytail, can also help reduce friction while you sleep.


Final Thoughts


If you’ve got curly hair, the most important thing to remember is that it’s more susceptible to drying out than other hair textures. Introducing moisture and locking it in is vital, and it needs to be done constantly. Use the right products, don’t wash too often and outside the shower, always show your locks the love they need by doing the right things.  Treated well, curly hair can look healthy, shiny and stunningly beautiful. Hope you find these tips on how to care for your curls helpful. 

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