16 Nov 2021

Ashleigh's Hair Transformation Story

A NHS Mental Health Nurse who suffered from extreme, stress induced hair loss after leaving a toxic relationship, tells us her hair transformation story. Discovering Hair Gain earlier this year has turned her life around.

Ashleigh Barnes, 35, is from Saddleworth, Manchester. She's been a Mental Health Nurse for the NHS for the past 12 years. She first noticed her hair getting thinner some months after recovering from the trauma and stress of a broken and toxic relationship. She also had to contend with coping with nursing during the pandemic.


hair transformation


Ashleigh says “I was feeling much stronger in myself a few months after my relationship had ended. But my hair had started to deteriorate. I noticed it getting thinner, it didn’t take very long to style anymore. When I brushed it, my hairbrush would be full of my hair, where it was starting to fall out. I still had length at the back. But I was losing a lot from the top of my head. I ended up with lots of short, tufty bits.

My best feature

I was always proud of my locks, I felt it was my strongest asset and what I liked most about my appearance. I was even a hair model when I was younger. So when it started to thin and then fall out, I was devastated.”


Before and after

I spent hundreds on products to try and restore my hair

Ashleigh knew her hair loss was down to the stress of her relationship breaking down. The nature of her pressured job, heightened during the pandemic, as well as being in the middle of buying her own house, did nothing to ease her stress levels. Her hair just kept falling out.

“I tried everything and spent hundreds of pounds buying specialist shampoos, ointments, stimulating sprays and hair treatments from all over the world, as well as adjusting my diet and incorporating numerous vitamins to try and help restore my hair. But I saw little change in my hairline.

I was catastrophising everything

I was exhausted with it all, my confidence was at rock bottom. It felt like I’d never get my hair back, and started to think the worst. I was catastrophising everything and thought I would have to wear a wig or a turban for the rest of my life. Dating was put on hold. I didn't want to have to explain my hair loss to them on the first date.

Before Hair Gain

I was truly at my wits end until I found Hair Gain

Ashleigh found Hair Gain, on Instagram and then kept seeing them pop up on Facebook and on the Daily Mail app. So, she researched their ingredients vs other supplements and when they came up trumps, decided to try a 3 month supply of the Hair Gain Gummies to start. She was thrilled when she started to notice a difference.

Hair Gain contains the exclusive AnaGain ingredient, a powerful phytonutrient which is derived from the organic pea-shoot. Although small, it is mighty when it comes to hair loss. Young pea shoots are vulnerable to disease, damage and UV rays. So, they contain powerful nutrients to protect them from these dangers. The same nutrients can do wonders for your hair. The Hair Gain supplements are scientifically formulated to deliver fuller, thicker hair for people suffering hair loss for a number of reasons, including stress as in Ashleigh’s case. She's found they have delivered a wonderful hair transformation for her. 

I can go out without my wig or turban


Ashleigh before hair gain selfie


Ashleigh adds “I’ve been taking them for 8 months now and my hair transformation has been incredible. I have had around 4-5 inches of growth of the top of my head. The results are thrilling. I have tried and tested so many other methods and treatments, but Hair Gain is the only one that worked.

It’s made such a difference to my life. I can go out to the shop without having to prepare and disguise my hair loss with a wig or a turban. Now I can go swimming without worrying that everyone was looking at me, or go for dinner without people thinking I was ill because I had the turban on.

I didn't use a hairbrush or hairdryer for over a year due to hair loss

The things I had taken for granted pre hair loss are now reasons for celebration. Like having a hairbrush or a hairdryer - I didn’t own or use either for a year because there was no point. It’s these little wins that spur me on. I went to the hairdressers recently for the first time in two years and my hairdresser said, ‘you’ve got a base now." That was a big deal for me and such a nice experience to be back in a salon and having my hair cut and styled again.


hair transformation


My hair is still different lengths. But, I rarely wear my wig now as I feel so much better and so much more confident now my hair is growing back. And it’s all thanks to the Hair Gain supplements.

Press coverage

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