07 Jun 2021

7 Summer Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to try something different and experiment with some new summer hairstyles that are great for thin hair and that are bang on trend.

If you have thin hair, getting the hairstyle you want can sometimes be a challenge and you may think that your options are limited, but there are plenty of styles you can try to give your locks a much needed boost.

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Here are 7 summer hairstyles for thin hair, that are bang on trend for 2024.

Layered Bob


Layered bob


Layered bob haircuts are often a fantastic summer hairstyle option for women with fine hair. It is a loose, natural cut which avoids the heaviness of longer styles. Longer styles can pull hair down and reveal finer hair closer to your scalp. With a layered bob, the hair will rest easily on the top of your head. It will naturally create the illusion of volume and you won’t need much styling. Less styling products means less chemicals to damage your hair and as a result, healthier hair too.




Summer Bangs


If you’re battling a receding hair line or hair loss at the front of your scalp, bangs can help mask thinning around the forehead and can add waves and volume to your hair. Long, choppy bangs can give a classy look that covers up your forehead and directs attention to your face rather than your hairline.  Choppy bangs also allow the hair to be parted in numerous ways so you can alter your look when the fancy takes you and are easy to manage and style in the morning.

Bang on trend for Summer 2022 are curtain bangs. Not only are they the most versatile type of bang, they are also a great way to reinvent yourself without cutting your hair.


Short Pixie Cut


Loose Braids


Many women choose to grow their hair out to hide a receding hairline or small bald spots. However, keeping your hair short is often one of the best way to hide issues with fine or thin hair. Indeed, one of the most effective styles for thin hair is to simply go for the chop. A short pixie cut has hair short at the back and sides (or on one side) and longer on the top. It gives your hair lots of texture and you can part or shape it easily. Again, it will direct attention away from your hairline and onto your features, especially your eyes. It’s also very low maintenance and if you’re not afraid of the chop then this is a great summer hairstyle to rock.


Loose Braids


 Summer Hairstyles for Thin Hair


If your hair is thin or damaged then avoiding tension and pulling is very important. This means that braids are usually strictly off-limits. But if you have medium or long hair, a loose braid can give you a great look without too much pulling on your follicles. It’s also a very simple style to create. Start low and avoid using a hair tie at the nape of the neck, and make sure hair is never pulled too tight. The handle of a rat-tailed comb is great at keeping the hair loose and fluffy through the process. If you have problem areas along the hairline, just allow some strands to fall loose around your face. A great summer hairstyle for thin hair.


Wrapped Ponytail


 Summer Hairstyles for Thin Hair


Ponytails are one of the most popular and enduring hairstyles. They have an elegant look that is easy to achieve and can be carried all day. Minimal styling or equipment is required and there are dozens of varieties to suit every face shape. But, if you’ve got thin or fine hair, and have taken your hair from a ponytail, you’ll know they can spell problems. Multiple strands or even clumps of hair stuck to ties and bands are an all-too common experience.

However, you can still have a ponytail! Firstly, ditch rubber or elastic bands and instead use one of the many hair ties designed specifically for those with thin, fine or damaged hair. Scrunchies are perfect, and currently bang in vogue. Secondly, adopt the wrapped ponytail style. You can either use strands of your own hair and wrap them over your hair tie (hold in place with a bobby pin) or connect an imitation hair tie that matches your hair colour or to add a little glamour to your pony, use ribbons to wrap around a low ponytail.

Deep Side Parting


 Summer Hairstyles for Thin Hair


If you have thin hair, then try to avoid a centre-parting. It can make thin hair look utterly flat and lifeless. Try a deep side parting instead as it will naturally add volume and give you hair a much needed boost. Pick your favourite side then form a parting around three inches from the centre. By putting the hair all on one side, you’ll instantly create volume and the appearance of thicker hair. You’ll be surprised that such a small change can have such a good effect. You’ll be defining your face and highlighting your eyes too. Move the parting an inch or two either way (or even to the other side) to create new summer hairstyle look.

Loosely Slicked Back


Summer Hairstyles for Thin Hair


If your thin or fine hair just refuses to play ball, then short styles can be problematic. Simply loosely slicking your hair back can be the perfect remedy. Firstly, use your fingers to push your hair back. Then, fix it in place with some strategically placed bobby pins and finish with some mild hairspray. It will make your hair look fuller, and also give you a modern, kick-ass summer hairstyle.

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