Kristine Cimbule, Celebrity Hair Stylist

1. Fringe trim 

Kristine Cimbule said: “This one can be done at home. I’ve put together a simple five step guide to doing this. First step is get a good set of scissors, a comb, hair clip and a mirror. Step 2 – section the front of your fringe into a triangle, then take the centre 1cm and choose your length. Just over the eyebrow, or to the tip of the nose if you wear it a bit longer. Step 3 Cut the centre 1cm straight at the chosen length Step 4 Cut the side sections diagonally to meet the centre. Step 5 Tidy up and soften the hair line but cutting up into the hairline in little cuts.


2. Sharpen a bob 

Kristine said: “I would strongly advise against this one. A bob is actually quite a complicated cut to get right, so my advice is to leave this and just style with products and experiment with hair accessories."

3. Trim a crop 

For men’s barbering if you have a good set of clippers you can trim a crop at home, remember to put the guard on first! Triple check that you have the highest setting for the guard to start with (13mm) and work the grade down (smallest 3mm) this will give you a fade. Try and follow what’s already in place and try and reach out to your hairdresser for advice as we are only too willing to help! You will also need a helping pair of hands to get the back of your head done correctly!

4. Cut layers 

Save those layers for your hairdresser, doing it yourself could really lead to upset! This one takes years of practice to get right & we don’t advise doing it at home. Patience is key right now.

Kristine suggests, rather than cutting your hair, now is a good time to nourish it from within. She suggests taking Hair Gain to feed your follicles and to give your hairdresser longer, thicker and fuller locks to work with once lockdown is over.