17 Dec 2020

Hair Care Tips to Prevent Hair Loss This Winter

Do we really lose more hair in the winter? Is winter hair loss an actual thing? There would seem to be no definitive evidence to suggest that we do. But, there is no doubt that some of our lifestyle changes during the colder months can take their toll on our hair. 

We spoke to Trichologist, Cheryl Mackie hair loss in winter. She said "My theory is that it is a combination of a lack of Vitamin D, the stress of spending more time indoors and the artificial heating in our households during winter. Combined with a diet of heavier foods such as roasts, sausages and mash etc in comparison to salads and lighter foods in the Summer, there is reason to believe that nutrition plays a big role in us losing more hair during the Winter months. If you know that you lose more hair in the Winter, you should be upping your hair care routine around September." Here are a few tips from hair care professionals to help you do just that:


Start taking a hair supplement for thicker, fuller hair

Hair Gain supplements


If you want super healthy hair this winter, it’s important to eat right. And take the right kind of supplements so that your body has the nutrients needed to produce quality hair. It will lay a strong foundation to fight winter hair loss. 

Hair Gain has been scientifically formulated to promote visibly thicker, fuller and stronger hair. This unique edible hair care range contains the powerful organic pea shoot. It's clinically proven to reduce hair loss and support stronger hair. Vegan friendly and packed with all the essential vitamins needed for this time of year. Hair Gain includes Vitamin C, Zinc & Biotin and is available in capsule and gummy form. A great way to combat winter hair loss. 

Celebrity hair stylist, Pete Burkill says: "With fewer salon visits this year, clients have had to take better care of their hair themselves. Clients have had more time to look at their hair and are more conscious than ever about the condition as a result of hair loss from Covid-19 or general 2020 stress. They are looking to supplements like Hair Gain for thicker, fuller hair."


Deep condition with a hair mask

Hair mask


It’s important to condition your hair to replenish the moisture of the scalp and prevent seasonal hair fall. Try applying a hair mask to keep your hair hydrated and moisturised. It will help to maintain the hair texture during the season change. It will also combat the effects of heating products and cold winter winds. Look for masks that contain natural ingredients. Be sure to avoid any products containing sulfates. They can have the opposite effects and strip your hair of all it’s natural oils needed to keep it healthy. It will make combatting seasonal hair loss even trickier. 

Trichologist Samantha Stewart from the Spencer Clinic says: “The cuticle plays a major role in protecting the more delicate inner part of the hair known as the cortex. Weekly deep conditioning masks help to slow down the natural weathering of the cuticle. They can help improve the hair’s moisture content.”


Try a partial blow dry once a week

winter hair loss Partial blow dry


It may seem daunting to put down your cherished hair dryer. But why not try a partial blow dry once a week in the winter months? The excessive heat and air pressure from your hair dryer, over time, can cause significant damage to your hair cuticles. The less time your hair is exposed to extreme heat, the better off it will be in the long run. It will certainly help defend against winter hair loss. 

Trichologist Samantha Stewart from the Spencer Clinic says: “If you can, try and minimise heat during the colder months. With the lack of moisture in the hair, it’s more susceptible to damage in the colder months.”


Make time to go to the salon

Get to the salon


Ensure you keep up with trims during the winter months. Trichologist Samantha Stewart from the Spencer Clinic says: “This can help to prevent damage to the hair shaft by always ensuring that the hair has a solid end so reducing the chances of splitting.”

Celebrity stylist, Pete Burkill gives his thoughts on how often we should be visiting the salon to maintain healthy hair. "I recommend a trim every 8 weeks, most people who are wanting to grow their hair should keep the ends strong to avoid breaking and splitting. So regular trims are vital to keeping hair long and healthy. Little and often wins the race!"


Exercise self-care

winter hair loss self care


Making time for yourself can help you to live a balanced lifestyle and reduce your stress levels this winter. Try having a bath, getting a massage, watching a film with your girls or just doing something you really enjoy. The less stressed you are, the better your hair will grow. Certainly a relaxing way to fight off seasonal hair shedding! 

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