21 Jul 2022

Hot Weather Hair Mistakes

With the mercury going over 40c for the first time in UK history in July, it’s clear we’re having one hell of a summer. Long, carefree sunny days, sand and surf can certainly do wonders for body and mind, but it can be very challenging for your hair. As temperatures and humidity rise, so do the incidence of dry and brittle hair, frizziness, tangles and split ends. While the weather may be gorgeous, it can be a perfect storm for hair breakage and fall. Keep your hair in top condition when the heat is on by avoiding these hot weather hair mistakes.


Hot Weather Hair Mistakes Overwashing

Hot summer weather can make you want to wash your hair more often than usual. You sweat more, and the dust and pollen in the air can make your scalp and hair feel oily, dirty and itchy. It’s tempting to jump in the shower and give your locks a deep and long clean. However, frequent washing strips the natural oils from hair and scalp, drying them out. Your scalp becomes itchy and can become a dandruff-producing machine. Meanwhile, your hair becomes weaker and prone to breakage and fall. Wash it 2-3 times a week, using shampoos and conditioners with natural ingredients. And when you shower, keep the temperature cool to lock in precious moisture. What’s better than a cool shower in the summer heat?

Tight Ponytails and Buns

When it’s sweltering outside, it feels natural to opt for hairstyles that keep your locks out of your face. To some, tight ponytails and buns are the order of the day. However, these styles place immense pressure on the strands and follicles – which are already under attack from the sun’s rays. It’s a recipe for hair fall, so these styles should be avoided. Opt instead for loose and low buns or a loose messy braid. If you elect to wear your hair up, secure it with a claw clip, loose scrunchie or a headband. Our Hair Gain Headband will keep your locks out of your face and eyes, while its supersoft microfiber design is gentle on your hair and skin.

Heat Styling

A common hot weather hair mistake in summer is not to dial back on the heat styling. We’re all time-poor, and heat styling tools allow us to get our hairstyle sorted quickly and out of the door to face the day! But, your blow dryer, your curling tongs and your straighteners can all cause major damage to your hair. Cut your use right back, or better still, let your locks air-dry naturally. It’s so much better for your tresses, and let’s face it, trying to get the style you want with your tools when it’s hot and humid is a losing battle! Go au naturel – there are some great air-dried styles out there.

Getting Too Much Sun

Even in the best British summers, it can often feel rain and clouds are just round the corner. So, when the sun does shine, it’s tempting to stay out in it as long as you can. But prolonged exposure to UV rays can break down the proteins within the strands, which dries and weakens it. Not only does this make it dull and lifeless but can also lead to breakage and fall. And a sunburned scalp leads to all manner of issues – inflammation, redness, dryness and even blistering. If you stay out in the sun, then a wide-brimmed hat or light fabric scarf is a must.

Neglecting Hydration

Hot Weather Hair Mistakes Hair Mask Image

A major hot weather hair mistake! To battle the heat and the humidity and their effects, it’s vital to keep your hair hydrated and nourished. Hair masks are a brilliant way to hydrate your scalp while helping your hair hold on to precious moisture. Hair Gain’s scientifically formulated Hair Mask will revitalize your scalp while hydrating your hair from root to tip. Your locks will be deeply conditioned, fostering thicker and stronger hair, reducing hair fall while protecting against heat damage. What better way to finish off a fun day in the sun than kicking back for 10 minutes with a relaxing hair mask?

Overexposing Hair to Sea and Pool Water

Hot Weather Hair Mistakes Sea Image

If you’re having a day out or a holiday in the sun, chances are you’re going to be taking a cooling dip in the sea or pool. And while it’s absolutely essential (and fun!) when it’s hot, both sea and pool present haircare problems. All that salt and chlorine soaks up into your strands and dries them out. And if you go for a dip with dry hair, that’s even worse, as that’s when hair is at its most absorbent. If a rubber headcap isn’t your style, make sure you rinse your hair through with fresh water before you get in. That’ll help stop your locks absorbing all those drying elements.

Final Thoughts

You wouldn’t dream of not protecting your skin in the hot sun. You need to treat your hair with the same good care! Hopefully our advice will help you avoid these hot weather hair mistakes and allow you to enjoy the summer without compromising your tresses.

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