28 Feb 2023

Tips For The Perfect Blowdry

A blow dry can do wonders for our style and our well-being. They can add volume and texture, help create an even and polished look, and make styling your hair much easier. It can also be a way to transform your appearance, which can be empowering and incredibly satisfying. But that confidence and style boost can come at a heavy price for your hair. We all know that heat styling damages your locks, and if you have thin hair or are suffering from hair fall, then getting out your dryer can spell bad news. And while some damage can’t be avoided, there are steps you can take to help matters. Here are our great tips for the perfect blowdry.

Getting The Basics Right

Hair Capsules and Gummies

If your hair is already damaged or thin, then a blowdry is going to do more harm than to those with healthy tresses. Weak and brittle strands are naturally prone to breakage, so applying heat can make the situation worse. So, it’s really important you take steps to make your hair stronger and help repair any damage already present. And this process starts from within. Make sure you eat a balanced diet with vital vitamins, nutrients and minerals to boost your hair health. Washing and cooking can diminish the levels of these hair vitamins found naturally in food. So, taking a supplement such as Hair Gain Capsules and Gummies will help give your locks the strong foundations they need.

Preparation & The Perfect Blowdry

Like all hair and beauty treatments, preparation is key! A hair wash with a gentle shampoo with no harsh chemicals, rinsed thoroughly with warm (not hot!) water begins the process. Then, applying a Hair Gain Hair Mask for just 10 minutes will help lock in precious moisture, as well as leaving you supremely relaxed! Rinse out again, and you’re ready for the initial drying stage.

Towel Dry

For the perfect blowdry, always towel dry hair before using the blow dryer. You should look to remove around 80% of excess water from your hair with a soft towel. Gently blot your hair to remove the water and don’t rub it. This can cause friction and lead to breakage.


Whatever hair type you have, removing any knots or tangles is a must before blow drying. If your locks are already prone to breakage, then detangling wet hair with a brush can be a very harsh practice. Better to use a  Hair Gain wide tooth comb, which effortlessly removes knots and snags.

Getting The Temperature Right

Before you even think of blowdrying your hair, you need to make sure you have the right hairdryer! Invest in a good quality dryer and don’t be tempted to take a cheap option. Look for around 1,600 to 2,000 watts and only use models with multiple heat settings. Keeping things as cool as possible is the name of the game with blow dried hair. Use a diffuser attachment too – this will help distribute heat more evenly and reduce the risk of damage.

Section Your Hair

Before you start blowdrying, sectioning hair is always a good idea. Dividing hair into sections will help you to dry your hair more evenly and help prevent any tangling!

The Perfect Blowdry

Tips For The Perfect Blowdry Blog Image

You’re now ready to go, but before you press the on switch and blow out hair, a note on distance. Studies have shown that while using a dryer will cause more harm than drying naturally, holding it 15cm away from your hair reduces the damage. In any event, always use low heat settings on your dryer. Take your time – don’t be tempted to blast that heat to speed things up.

Begin blowdrying at the roots and work your way down to the ends. This will help to add volume and prevent frizz. Keep the dryer moving fluidly at all times, working with the hair’s natural fall. Don’t ever hold it in one spot for too long. Make sure you’re using the right brush for your hair type. A round brush works best for creating volume and curl. A flat brush works better for straightening. Once your hair feels smooth, then it’s dry.

Finish each section with a blast of cool air. This will help set your style and fight off frizz.


While everyone loves the feeling of blowdried tresses, it’s not something you should do often. Let your hair air-dry whenever possible, and only take out that dryer when absolutely necessary. Thankfully, there are ways you can hold onto your perfect blowdry! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is an old (and brilliant) trick. Silk is naturally anti-static, whereas cotton pillowcases generate a lot of style-wrecking friction. Gently securing your hair clipped up on top of your head can also fight the dreaded friction from your pillow too. And finally, try not to touch your hair. Constant touching introduces dirt and dust into your locks and generally undoes all that painstaking styling work!

Final Thoughts

Remember that everyone’s hair is different. Practice makes perfect, so follow these tips and keep experimenting until you find what works best for your hair type and desired style.


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