22 Jan 2020

We were featured in the Daily Mail!

Mail Online Hair Gain Story

In December, we were lucky enough to be praised for the incredible results some of our customers have seen, in a Daily Mail article. The article focuses on cases where women experienced hair loss after menopause, stress, over-styling among other causes and how Hair Gain has helped them.

Here are just some of the cases that were mentioned in the Daily Mail:

Laura Woodhouse, 35 from Cambridgeshire – Post Partum Temporal FPHL 

Daily Mail Hair Gain Now

Like many women who suffer from post-partum hair loss, Laura suffered from balding in the areas of hair above the temples on both sides of her head. 

Laura said: “It really affected my confidence as with most women, my hair is my pride and joy. For me it was one of my best features as I have very long thick hair. But after I had my daughter it went thin and patchy almost overnight in particular around my hairline.

Laura has been taking GROW by Hair Gain for the last three to six months and she has seen a marked improvement in her hair. She said: “I’ve started seeing an improvement after 4-6 weeks, my hair had a vitality and was noticeably thicker.

Mrs S Harrison, 49, from the Midlands, Menopausal Christmas Tree FPHL

Daily Mail Hair Gain Before and After

Experienced hair getting thinner and breaking off due to the menopause. The shape of the hair thinning was wider at the hair line by the forehead and went along the parting of her hair in a Christmas tree shape. 

Sue told the Daily Mail: “My hair began thinning more noticeably as my body went into the perimenopause and the transition accentuated my already fine hair. It made me feel awful and older than I am. I didn’t want to feel like an old person before my time.”

“So, I started taking Hair Gain quite sceptically about two months ago but even my hairdresser commented recently that my hair isn’t as wispy and fine as before. I haven’t been taking the Hair Gain every day and it’s still made a difference. I’m looking forward to seeing how regular daily intake will improve my hair’s condition even more.”

Latoya Lovell, 32, presenter and influencer from London. Crown and side FPHL from over-styling hair

Daily Mail Hair Gain before and after

Latoya said: “I suffered terribly at the beginning of 2019. I’ve always loved wearing my hair in braids but because they were so tight, the tension was pulling out and weakening my hair at the roots. I couldn’t believe how badly years of over styling had affected my hair, it really knocked my confidence.

And she added: “I started looking at supplements but I was nervous about trying them because I’d read so many negative articles about the levels of vitamins being unhealthily high. The results with Hair Gain have been amazing. I’ve now been taking it for five months and my hair is the thickest it’s ever been. I’ve started wearing braids again, but with nothing like the tension I’ve had before.” 

After about three to four weeks using Hair Gain my hair started to improve. I felt better in my body was less tired and also my diet improved. Also, I slept better and genuinely overall was a lot happier. I have been taking hair gain now for 8 months now and love it. 

It's helped my eyelashes as well and eyebrows have thickened up. I can actually get them shaped. I stopped wearing nail extensions and my nails grow quickly and don’t break as easily.”


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