Postpartum hair loss

Sleepless nights, nappy changes, a tiny human to keep alive and happy…

New mums have enough on their plates without having to worry about postpartum hair loss. But that’s what happens to a staggering 300,000 women a year who suffer from postpartum alopecia. This term describes hair loss in the first five months after giving birth.

If you’re suffering too then you’ll know how stressful and upsetting it can be to watch clumps of hair disappear down the drain when you’re in the shower. Or to see it come away as you brush your hair. But the good news is there are ways to reduce postpartum hair loss. GROW by Hair Gain is here to help.

What is postpartum hair loss?

Hair loss after giving birth is normal and happens to almost half of all mums. The average woman loses about 100 hairs a day from their head, according to Baby Center. But when you’re pregnant, those wonderful hormones pumping around your body mean more hairs stay in the growing stage for longer, before they naturally fall out. After your baby is born your hormone levels start to return to normal. So more hairs enter the resting stage and start to fall out.

How do I stop postpartum hair loss?

First, stay calm. It is normal and there are ways to treat postpartum hair loss. GROW by Hair Gain is a new hair growth supplement. It uses the power of organic pea shoots to deliver fuller, thicker hair in just one month. Yes, you read that right. Small but mighty pea shoots can help you overcome postpartum hair loss.

GROW contains Anagain, which has been derived from organic pea shoots to stimulate hair follicles at source. They are designed to restore your hair’s strength, vitality and shine.

It has been scientifically formulated using the vitamins, minerals, botanicals and aminos needed for healthy hair growth. In studies, 86% of users noticed a significant improvement after taking the product. What’s more, it is the only vegan, vegetarian and Halal approved hair growth supplement on the market.

What else could help stop hair loss?

Of course there are other reasons that women might lose their hair, including stress, anxiety, nutritional deficiencies, changes in metabolism and over-styling. GROW by Hair Gain can help stop hair loss and restore your hair to its natural beauty whatever the reason for the hair loss.

Getting a balanced diet is also important for healthy hair. So, make sure you eat plenty of iron, wholegrains, fruit and vegetables. And a few good nights sleep won’t hurt either – easier said than done when you’re a new mum! But if a full eight hours is unrealistic then try to get some rest and relaxation when you can. This will help tackle any anxiety and stress you might be feeling. Ask your partner, a friend or relative to watch the baby while you put your feet up for an hour or two. You'll be safe in the knowledge that very soon your hair will be back to its glorious best.