28 Nov 2022

Tyla Carr - Real Life Story

Love Island star Tyla Carr says she felt ‘horrendous’ when her hair fell out after she gave birth to baby Archie

  • The 25-year-old beauty was left with bald patches on her temples after suffering from post-partum hair loss.
  • She was losing so much hair every morning it was clogging up the shower. It had a ‘devastating’ effect on her body confidence;
  • She said: “As a woman, your hair is so important to your overall look. It was so upsetting seeing it all fall out.”
  • Cheryl Cole and Abbey Clancy have suffered from post-partum hair loss following childbirth;
  • Tyla, who has also appeared on Channel 4's First Dates, is now restoring her hair by taking GROW by Hair Gain. A new supplement with a unique formula derived from organic pea shoots

Grow By Hair Gain

Love Island star Tyla Carr has told how she felt ‘horrendous’ when her hair fell out after the birth of her son and split with her boyfriend.

The 25-year-old beauty began to lose large clumps of her hair after she stopped breastfeeding seven-month-old Archie.

She developed bald patches on her temples. So many strands were falling out they were clogging up her shower in the morning.

Tyla, who has also appeared on Channel 4's First Dates, said: “It was horrendous".

"I had always had lovely thick hair and it grew even more luscious when I was pregnant with Archie."

"But that all changed when I stopped breastfeeding. I began to notice clumps of hair coming out in the shower in the morning, blocking up the plughole. And there was so much hair around the house I used to joke that I would fill up the Hoover bag."

"Your hair is such an integral part of your beauty routine. It was devastating to see how thin and lacklustre it looked with bald patches around the temples."

"I am desperate to get it sorted."

Tyla Carr

Great Advice From A Friend

Tyla researched a range of remedies online before another mum recommended GROW by Hair Gain. This had restored her hair when it fell out after she suffered from anxiety. It contains powerful phytonutrients which can deliver fuller, thicker hair in just one month for women suffering hair loss for a number of reasons. These include stress, anxiety, hormone changes, pregnancy or simply getting older. Tyla said: “My friend had lost her hair by the temples just like me. I couldn’t believe how quickly it all grew back after she took Hair Gain. "Now, I have had to change how I part my hair to cover it. I want my lovely old bouncy hair back.”

Tyla's Hair Loss

Tyla, of Chipstead, Surrey, was working as a nanny when she was picked to go on the hit ITV2 show for which she famously packed 38 bikinis. She soon caused controversy after Jonny Mitchell dumped his previous date Camilla to smooch with Tyla. Tyla fell in love with company boss Rossco Edmonds, 33, shortly after finishing the show. She unexpectedly fell pregnant just three months into the romance. They were together for the birth but Tyla announced last month that they had split. She was suffering from hair loss while they were breaking-up. She said: “I had read about women losing their hair after stopping breastfeeding but I never thought it would happen to me. “I had always had fantastic hair so it was particularly upsetting to see it all falling out. I am confident that it will grow back quickly now that I am taking Hair Gain.”

Kimberley's Hair Gain Story

Restaurant concierge Kimberley Coke suffered exactly the same kind of hair loss as Tyla Carr following the birth of her second child Jonah last year. Her work brings her into contact with famous TV chefs such as Marcus Wareing and Michel Roux Jr. Kimberley, 36, began taking Hair Gain and her hair grew back within three months. She said: “l was stunned at the difference and I could feel my self-confidence surging as I returned to work.”

Post-Partum Hair Loss 

A number of celebrities have spoken recently about their pregnancy-related hair loss. Model Abbey Clancy, 32, wife of ex-England footballer Peter Crouch, began losing her hair while pregnant with her third child Johnny. She continued to lose it after his birth in January. She said: "It does knock your confidence." Cheryl Cole, 35, suffered post-partum hair loss following the birth of her son Bear in March 2017. She used supplements to help it to regrow. Around eight million women in the UK suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives. This includes 300,000 a year like Tyla Carr, Cheryl and Abbey who have post-partum loss in the first five months after giving birth. Natural trichologist Cheryl Mackie, who recommends GROW by Hair Gain to her clients, said: "It noticeably slowed shedding, increased hair growth and improved scalp health in a month."

It is the only vegan, vegetarian and Halal approved hair growth supplement on the market.

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