23 Jan 2020

Anxiety and hair loss – How living with stress can damage your hair

 Does stress cause hair loss? 

Grow by Hair Gain


  • Stress is believed to be the 2nd biggest contributor to hair loss after genetics 
  • Women are far more likely to suffer than men 

Reports of stress and anxiety are on the rise in the UK. Yet the physical effects of excessive worrying are not often discussed. Hair loss when suffering from stress and anxiety is not uncommon.

Grow by Hair Gain is a ground-breaking new supplement, harnessing the power of the pea shoot, to give incredible hair growth results of up to 78% in just one month of use. 

This game changing product was designed specifically for the 8 million women who suffer from hair loss at some point of their lives in the UK. 

Why do women lose their hair when they’re suffering from stress and anxiety? 

Anxiety affects hair loss in a number of ways. “When someone is anxious or stressed, the body goes into fight and flight mode,” explains Registered Nutritional Therapist Nicola Shubrook from Urban Wellness. “This means that it moves nutrients and blood flow to the most vital parts of your body. This is to keep you alive and be ready to fight or flee whatever is causing that stress or anxiety.  Unfortunately, we don’t need our hair for survival and hence hair loss or thinning can be quite common.  This fight and flight response also moves blood flow away from the digestive system, reducing the body’s ability to breakdown food and absorb important nutrients.”

Stress can also push hair follicles into a resting phase. This means they are less likely to produce more strands in the future. Over time hair will begin to fall out more easily but without any regrowth to support in its place. 

On the more extreme end of anxiety related hair loss is Trichotillomania. This is where someone is quite literally ‘pulling their hair out’. The symptoms of stress manifest themselves in the behaviour of the sufferer. They start twisting and pulling at their hair, weakening the strands and causing them to fall out. 

The third issue that can cause hair to fall out is Alopecia Areata. Here, the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles. Some people may just experience thinner hair whilst others suffer with bald spots and some even from complete baldness. 

What should someone do if they’re suffering from hair loss relating to stress and anxiety? 

The most important step is to see your GP. They can advise on the best ways to minimise stress and anxiety for the patient. 

Secondly, it’s important to look at what you’re eating says Nutritionist Nicola Shubrook. Plan for a: “Diet rich in good protein sources, such as eggs and oily fish. Nuts, seeds, and lean meats such as chicken and turkey, accompanied by lots of different coloured fruits and vegetables, backed up by complex carbohydrates including oats, rye and quinoa. And ensure you’re drinking plenty of water.  We often forget how important water is when it comes to health.”


Eating healthily


What foods do we need to avoid if we’re stressed?

Nicola continues: “Anxiety and stress can increase sugar cravings but these are actually ‘energy cravings.' The body demands more blood glucose to keep the body (and brain) in fight and flight mode.  The challenge is not to give in to these foods as high sugar and processed foods, including fizzy drinks actually exacerbate low moods and stress.  

“Alcohol is best avoided, and caffeine kept to no more than a few cups a day. These may also put further pressure on the adrenals and digestive system or affect sleep.  Also don’t go hungry!  When the body runs on empty, this can increase anxiety and stress so even if you don’t feel hungry, try not to go more than 4-5 hours without food, even if it’s a piece of fruit and a small handful of nuts to keep you going.”

 As well as a great diet, Grow by Hair Gain works to give visibly thicker and stronger hair in from the inside out. With just two capsules taken daily the supplement can help rebalance disruptions within the hair growth cycle. The capsules contain the exclusive AnaGain™ ingredient, derived from the organic pea shoot, along with zinc and Biotin. If you're wondering how to regain hair loss from stress, it should be part of your armoury. 


Hair Gain


How does it work? 

The common pea shoot is not something automatically associated with beauty. But due to its powerful nutrients which protect the young plants from UV rays, disease, damage and herbivores, they are going to have a mighty impact in the world of hair. 

And it’s the AnaGain™ ingredient from the pea shoot that Hair Gain has exclusively harnessed within this product. AnaGain™ works by stimulating specific particles within the dermal papilla cells to kick-start hair growth. Specifically, these molecules are Noggin, a protein that shortens the telogen hair loss phase and Fibroblast growth factor-7 (FGF7), which promotes best possible conditions for the anagen hair growth phase. 

Each capsule also contains a formula of 10 strong ingredients. All the micronutrients your hair could possible need to flourish: vitamins, minerals, botanicals & aminos as well as biotin and zinc, making it a fantastic all-round supplement for anyone suffering with hair loss. 

Lucy Palmer, Founder of Hair Gain, suffered horrifically from hair loss after having her daughter: “We mainly associate hair loss with men. But when relating the topic to women it can be a bit of a taboo subject and it shouldn’t be. 8 million women will suffer from hair loss at some point in their lifetime in the UK. Unfortunately, anxiety is a major contributor to hair loss. And when someone starts to lose their hair it can exacerbate this and a vicious circle begins.

“That’s why I developed this product. I could see there was a real need to not only offer a solution but one that works quickly and gives outstanding results.”

If you're wondering "can stress cause hair loss?", the answer is a definite yes! By following the guidance above, you can help your hair recover and also prevent stress from taking hold again. 

Grow by Hair Gain is available at www.hairgainnow.com