09 Feb 2021

Hair Loss During Lockdown: Five Key-Workers Reveal How Hair Gain Restored Their Hair After Severe Hair Loss.

Hair Loss During Lockdown

Five key-workers share their story about the hair loss they experienced during lockdown. We learn how they have been able to regrow their hair and restore their confidence with Hair Gain :

Katy Hickey, 30, Youth Charity Worker, London

Hair Gain Before & After

Katy said: “I had a new job and I was quite stressed about that. I’d been made redundant from the previous job a short while before. At the beginning of this year, I looked in the mirror and could see a lot of big bald patches on the crown of my head. I was beside myself. I took a picture of the top of my head and the hair loss really shocked me. You couldn’t see the hair loss from the front but from the top you could see it was nearly totally bald. Also, the scalp was totally dry.

So I had a consultation with a dermatologist in March and they said it was Female Pattern Baldness. In my head I was hoping it’ wasn't. If the hair follicles are dead then there’s not much you can do. When we went into lockdown and the stress increased, so did the hair loss. So from then on, I started taking Hair Gain. I took them because I’d read that they had worked for Tyla Carr from Love Island.

After 3 months I started to see a big difference. By May it was so much better, and when I had my haircut, it had grown two inches in length in two months. That’s twice as long as hair grows normally!

At the moment the new growth is only about 2-3 inches long. It sticks up and is hard to style sometimes, but I don’t care. I’ve got my hair back and in a few more months it will be long enough to style. And, the new growth is a lot thicker. I am thrilled with the result and I’ll never stop taking Hair Gain.”

Charlotte Greenough, 33, Network Rail Transport Planner, Peterborough

Before & After Hair Gain

Charlotte said: "I'd been really stressed at work during the last year. I also worried about parenting and juggling my job at the same time. Previously, I suffered from hair loss after having my six year old daughter. I was worried it would deteriorate further during the lockdown. Prior to taking Hair Gain I had tried supplements, shampoos, conditioners, silk pillow cases, sprays etc. But, nothing seemed to work. I began to feel very self-conscious at work and in social situations.

After the lockdown when I could finally go to the hairdresser they noticed a big difference in my hair. There was lots of new growth and my hair had started to look thicker and fuller. From then on my hairdresser and I started to catalogue my hair journey in pictures. I now take Hair Gain religiously as my hair is thicker and healthier than it has been for years. My hairdresser even let me have some bleach back in my hair!"

Samina Aktar, 32, ITU Ward Clerk, Essex. 

Hair Loss During Lockdown

Samina said: “When the first lockdown started in March 2020, I’d been in my new job on ITU for only a few weeks. I was still relatively inexperienced and I was traumatised for the first few weeks. My workload tripled and the atmosphere at work was very difficult, especially when families of the patients on ITU weren’t allowed to be with their loved ones. They were angry and upset and I was constantly under pressure at work. At the same time I had personal issues at home to deal with, so there was no escape. It took its toll on me physically and literally bunches of my hair started falling out. Every single day my hair would constantly fall and it made me very depressed.

If I washed or brushed my hair big clumps of hair would come out. I could see a huge parting forming at the top of my head. The hair I had left was thinner and lifeless. I started to notice little bald patches and a lot of gaps. I could clearly notice my scalp every time I had looked in the mirror. When I put my hands through my hair, I felt like crying because of how thin it started to feel each time. And it worried me that I would go completely bald one day. I have always been really proud of my hair and so it was a big blow to my confidence. So, I started to wear extensions and a clip at the back to hide the bald patches.

I started to take Hair Gain in September and in 7 weeks started to see a big difference. Even my friends have noticed. I can’t wait to see more results over the next few months.”

Amy Thompson, 30, Lead Technician for a Housing Association, Kent

Hair Gain Before and After

“I had noticed a gradual thinning of my hair for a couple of years but it got much worse over the lockdown. I work for a housing association and we had to provide emergency services and repairs over lockdown. It was an extremely stressful time. In the March and April lockdown I had people screaming at me down the phone when things went wrong with their property. All this extra pressure at work really took its toll on my hair.

The centre parting of my hair was getting wider and wider. I’d spray coloured dry shampoo on the ever growing gap in the middle. I’d wear my hair up so that people couldn’t notice the bald bits on the crown. But my hair was also thinning around the temples.

I had tried loads of things to make it better. All sorts of tablets, sprays and shampoos but nothing had worked. I’d tried pretty much everything before I decided to try Hair Gain and I honestly wasn’t sure if it would work. I started taking the Hair Gain Capsules in July and I saw a difference by late August. The parting was fuller and thicker, and the hair felt better and not lifeless. My sister, aunty and cousin all noticed the difference without any prompting about it. I had deliberately kept it secret that I was taking Hair Gain because I felt embarrassed. It keeps getting better, thicker and longer now all the time and I will continue to keep using Hair Gain.”

Lorna Boydon, 51, Chef, London

Hair Loss During Lockdown

“I was furloughed for two months during the first lockdown and my hair loss got much worse during that time. It was so stressful and depressing and I really noticed the difference with my hair. The thinning on the top and the crown became more pronounced and I could see people were starting to notice it. At its worst in April you could see over half of my scalp. I was really depressed about it and started to wear a hat to cover it up.

When the lockdown ended, I went to the Spencer Clinic in London, a specialist hair loss centre and they advised me to start taking Hair Gain, as well as using their high frequency machine. That was around August and the change in the past few months has been amazing. The clinic is convinced that a lot of the new hair growth is down to Hair Gain. I saw an improvement in about 6 weeks, little new bits of growth. Then my husband and cousin started to notice and the colour and texture of my hair got richer and better as well as the thickness.

I would say my hair is 75% better now but it is still improving. I’m not sure if I’ll get back 100% of my hair, but I’m continuing to take Hair Gain so hopefully I will. It has given me a new feeling of confidence. I have a customer-facing job and it would have affected the way I interact with people. It has really given me back my optimism and given me so much more energy and positivity to have my hair back.”

Covid hair loss in the UK, as in the rest of the world, will continue to affect many people each year as the virus becomes endemic globally. Hair Gain is here to help.