04 May 2022

Why Is Our Hair Mask Green?

Last Summer we launched our new game-changing Hair Gain Hair Mask - a nourishing miracle treatment - scientifically formulated to promote fuller, thicker and stronger hair. Since then it has helped thousands of women in their quest for healthy locks. But many people are asking, why is our hair mask green? Well, the answer lies with the exclusive AnaGain™ ingredient which helps to stimulate the follicles and reactivate hair growth.


It’s All About the Power of The Pea

The unique AnaGain™ compound is derived from organic pea shoots. As we all know, the pea is a green vegetable with pod fruits. And while the shoots might be small, they are mighty! They’re under constant threat of disease, pathogens, pollutants, UV rays and nibbling insects and herbivores. Over thousands of years, they’ve evolved to resist these elements by producing phytochemicals. These are also beneficial to human health and it is these powerful phytonutrients that can also work wonders for your hair.   

Why Is It So Good for Hair Growth?

Hair loss has many causes, but a major factor concerns the life cycle of hair itself. There are four phases of hair growth – anagen (when hair grows), catagen (regression), telogen (resting) and exogen (shedding). Most of the time your hair is either in the anagen (85 to 90% of the time) or telogen (5-10%) phase.

AnaGain™ works by stimulating key molecules in the dermal papilla cells which  activate hair growth. A protein called Noggin reduces the time spent in the telogen phase while FGF7 boosts growth when a new anagen cycle starts.

The net result: hair growth.


But Will It Work for Me?

AnaGain™, the compound that powers Hair Gain Hair Mask has been clinically tested. A recent study on the effects of AnaGain™ when applied topically to the scalp revealed compelling results. The key hair molecules Noggin and FGF7 were boosted by 56% and 85% respectively. The study also reported significant results were delivered when the compound was taken as a supplement.

AnaGain™ is also the key ingredient in our Hair Gain Gummies and Capsules! Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed. But by using our Hair Mask, particularly in combination with our supplements, you really are giving your hair the ingredients it it needs to support fuller, thicker and stronger locks.


Does Our Hair Mask Have Any Other Benefits?

The story doesn’t end with AnaGain™.

The luxurious, hydrating formula contains Panthenol which helps thicken hair while boosting shine. Meanwhile, Natural Betaine strengthens your locks while Phytantriol protects against heat damage and those dreaded split ends. The formula has a gorgeous smell and the wonderful, pea green texture is rich and thick. It’s 100% vegan and you’ll find no alcohol, sulphates, silicon or parabens either. Super-easy to use: you only need to leave in for 10 minutes once or twice a week to see great results! 

So, that's why our Hair Mask is Green! 

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