Hair Loss an Unexpected COVID-19 Misery

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year, new information has surfaced almost every week about the nature and symptoms of the virus. We are all familiar with the main symptoms which include difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, a dry cough, fever, fatigue etc. However, coronavirus has more recently been linked to hair loss, with many survivors of COVID-19 reporting symptoms of hair loss following recovery from the illness.

How to Cut Your Own Fringe: Expert 5 Step Video Guide by Celebrity Hair Stylist, Kristine Cimbule

Celebrity Hair Stylist, Kristine Cimbule shows you how to cut your fringe in 5 easy steps as well as some general advice on cutting your hair during lockdown.

Nurse Roberta's Hair Gain Journey

Roberta Woodford, 24, from South London is an NHS nurse who has struggled with hair loss for years, which would always get worse at times of stress.

A particularly stressful time for Roberta has been working on the Coronavirus frontline. However, Roberta said she 'feels like a new woman' after taking Hair Gain which restored her hairline in just eight weeks and meant that she has been able to manage her hair shed throughout a time where she would otherwise experience it at it's worst.