04 Mar 2024

Vitamins and Supplements in Ramadan

By Maria Akbani

Fasting, as well as a religious obligation, has incredible benefits for our bodies. It can improve our digestion, reduce inflammation and fight off oxidative stress. However, it can present some challenges when you’re used to following a certain routine. The change in food timings can often be quite confusing when it comes to taking vitamins and supplements in Ramadan. Especially in the West, when the window to eat is quite small. 

It’s hard to determine the appropriate time to take any supplements. And, it can often depend on which kind of vitamins and supplements you’re taking. However, taking them before you start fasting or when you end it can be a great way of getting in essential nutrients which are so good for the body.

Hair Gain Supplements 

Hair Gain supplements contain at least 100% of your daily NRV requirements of the following essential vitamins:

  • Vitamin E (fat soluble)
  • Zinc (water soluble)
  • Vitamin C (water soluble)
  • Biotin (water)

These are a mixture of fat soluble and water soluble vitamins.  So, it’s perfect to take them at either suhoor or iftar when you are eating a meal with a drink. The best way is to take them is after you have finished your meal, rather than at the beginning. Taking supplements on a relatively empty stomach could make you feel uncomfortable. In taking the Hair Gain capsules or gummies, you are nourishing your hair, skin and nails. This means that alongside your fast, you’re able to quickly, easily and simply stay on top of your health game.

Hair Gain Options

You have the option between the Capsules and the Gummies to take. Many Hair Gain customers actually use the Hair Gain capsule powder in shakes and smoothies, hot drinks or even on their porridge topping. One of our customers has a great tip: “I make my smoothie mixture in advance and store it in an ice tray, so when I need to have it, I just have to add water or milk! I use the Hair Gain capsule powder in mix, so I never forget to take them! What’s great is that both me and my husband can have them and even he noticed a difference!”

We do have some die-hard Hair Gain Gummies fans who love to take their gummies at iftar, once they’ve opened their fast. It's a sweet and delicious treat! And the gummies are naturally flavoured with apple and berry and free from artificial flavours, sweeteners or colour.

Are Hair Gain Supplements Permissable? 

Vitamins and supplements in Ramadan blog image

Of course, another important consideration when taking vitamins and supplements in Ramadan is to make sure that whatever you’re consuming is permissible. This is why it’s great to know that the Hair Gain supplements are Halal certified. So they're ideal for anyone who has this as a dietary requirement. Apart from this, all the other products in our range are created without any alcohol.

Vitamins and Supplements In Ramadan - Final Thoughts

Hair Gain Capsules and Gummies are a perfect fit for Ramadan. Consistent use of our supplements means that in as little as a month, you can see the results -  healthier hair, skin and nails.


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