20 Sep 2022

How To Wear a Headband

Headbands have been with us in one form or another for well over 2,000 years. Originally, they were designed simply as a way of keeping hair away from the face or the eyes. They were hugely popular in the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. As a style accessory, headbands did fade from the world over time. Then, they jumped back into our culture in the early 1900s as a treatment for headaches! However, the look crossed over into fashion in the roaring twenties as the item every “flapper” had to have. They’ve not looked back since, and currently headbands are being rocked by the likes of Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba and Zendaya. If you’re wondering how to wear a headband, read on.

Why Wear a Headband?

If the mere sight of A-listers wearing them isn’t enough for you, there are other reasons why you should be looking to get involved in this trend! A headband adds something to any outfit. Be it a dress for a formal occasion, hitting the town with friends or just relaxing at home in your joggers. Virtually any look can be transformed with the simple addition of a headband. Not only do they deliver instant style, but they don’t break the bank. Especially compared to other accessories like shoes and bags! And they can also bail you out of bad hair days or cover for you when you’ve missed a hair wash or two….

Works For Every Look

No matter if your hair is long, short, straight, curly or wavy, a headband can jazz up your look with the minimum of bother. All you need to do beforehand is take a Hair Gain wide tooth comb through your tresses to detangle them. You're then ready to add your headband and go! Here’s how to wear a headband with various headband hairstyles.

Simple, Long & Loose

how to wear a headband

Headbands can pack a mighty style punch, so much so that often the minimum of styling is required to nail a great look. If you’ve got long, straight hair, it can be tricky to style as it can lack volume. Meanwhile, the natural oils present on the scalp can weigh the strands down, giving it a very flat look. If you’ve got thin hair or hair fall, these problems can be magnified unfortunately. A simple headband is a smart way of adding easy chic to your look. All you need to do is put the headband gently on your hairline and push back. Child’s play! A headband worn well can also add volume to hair, even if is comparatively thin. Factor in a parting for a sophisticated, extra-classy style.


It’s no surprise that Pixie cuts are always in fashion – it can be a show stopping look and its super-chic too. And while cutting hair short can be a real leap of faith for many women, it can really put your facial features front and centre. Also, as the cut is shorter and lighter, it can be less prone to breakage and fall. While different styles are naturally more limited with Pixies than with longer cuts, it does make Pixies a prime candidate for a great headband! Simply brush your hair and put the headband on for an incredibly cute and gorgeous look.

High Ponytail

How To Wear A Headband High Ponytail Blog Image

Pairing a headband with a high ponytail is very easy. It's also a great way to tuck disobedient strands away and bring attention to your face. A high ponytail gives a supremely sleek look - perfect for job interviews! It’s also a low maintenance and hassle-free style to wear when exercising. Gently pull your hair into a ponytail at the back of your crown, and tie with a scrunchie. Always avoid tight bands as they can put too much pressure on your locks. Then place your headband halfway between your hairline and your ponytail and you’re ready to go.

Low Ponytail

You can rock a headband with a low ponytail too. Very handy for those of us with hair too short for a high one! Pull your hair softly into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, and again secure with a gentle scrunchie. All you then need to do is put on your headband and voila – an effortlessly chic and pretty look. A fantastic way how to wear a headband. 

The Buns – High & Low

how to wear a headband

Another easy set of styles, buns are also highly versatile. You can style them as you like, and those with stronger hair can even build in braids to the look. High buns are great at keeping your hair out of your face and eyes. Just gently pull your hair into bun at the top of your head and leave the loose ends pointing upwards. Tie in a scrunchie once more and use bobby pins to hold everything together and place the headband just behind your ears.

Low buns involve parting your hair in the middle and again placing a headband just behind your ears. Then lightly twist your hair into a loose knot at your neck’s nape. A simple, yet deceptively smart style.

To add some stylish casual flavour to both buns, go messy. Just leave a few strands sticking out to capture that perfectly imperfect look. 

Final Thoughts

how to wear a headband

These are just some of the many ways how to wear a headband. And remember, when it comes to headbands, there are no hard rules. Thick and chunky headbands, thin and light, they can all lift a look brilliantly. Experiment with some styles and looks until you find one that works for you. You’ll then see how a simple and low-cost accessory like a headband can really lift your look into a new dimension. For maximum chic, look no than our Hair Gain Headband. Super-stylish, with a super-soft microfiber design, allowing you to look fabulous without damaging your tresses.


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