20 May 2024

The Benefits Of Scalp Exfoliation And Scalp Massage

In times gone by, hair care routines focussed on the strands themselves. Scalp care was all about fighting the dreaded dandruff. But in recent years, the importance of scalp care has pushed its way onto centre stage in the world of hair health. “Skinification” of hair – where the scalp is treated with the same love as the skin on your face, is now very much part of hair care regimens across the globe. And that’s as it should be. For it is now known that a healthy scalp plays a crucial role in maintaining strong, vibrant locks.  There are many ways you can care for your scalp. And two increasingly popular methods are scalp exfoliation and scalp massage. Here’s the lowdown on the two practices and the many benefits they offer.

Scalp Exfoliation

The practice is designed to remove dead skin cells, product build up and excess oil from the scalp. It’s much like exfoliating the skin on your face and body. Scalp exfoliation helps maintain a healthy scalp environment for hair growth.


Better Scalp Health

When you exfoliate your scalp, you’re unclogging hair follicles. These are easily blocked up with dead skin cells, oil and product residue. Not to mention the various environmental irritants and bacteria we all pick up going about our daily lives. Clogged follicles are a recipe for scalp irritation, inflammation, dandruff and acne. And left to their own devices, all these things can damage hair follicles, which eventually leads to breakage and loss. Regular scalp exfoliation purges all these nasties, promoting a healthier scalp and better hair growth.


Enhanced Blood Circulation

Exfoliating the scalp stimulates increased blood circulation. This helps ensure our hair follicles get the supply of oxygen and key hair vitamins and nutrients they need. When the follicles are nourished well, they are strengthened.


Reduced Oiliness

Regular exfoliation helps to reduce oiliness, which is very beneficial if you suffer from an excessively oily scalp.


Improved Product Absorption

If your scalp is loaded with dead skin, oil, and old product residue, when you apply new hair care treatments, absorbing the active ingredients is made a lot trickier. Removing all the gunk makes treatments more effective!


How To Build Scalp Exfoliation Into Your Routine

Scalp treatments are widely available in salons, but you can get great results exfoliating at home! You can choose physical exfoliants such as scrubs (these work by physically removing build up) or chemical exfoliants. These usually contain ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids or salicylic acid. They work by dissolving excess oil and dead skin cells.


Scalp Exfoliation: The Process


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After wetting the hair, an exfoliant is added. Chemical exfoliants are usually applied through the hair then left to sit for a time before rinsing. Meanwhile, physical exfoliants are massaged into the scalp gently using circular motions. Both methods need to be followed by a thorough rinse to remove all residue. Then, a wash with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. To really nourish the hair and scalp and lock in the benefits of the process, scalp exfoliation should be followed by applying our Hair Gain Hair Mask. You can also use our Hair Mask as part of a DIY scalp facial!


The Benefits Of Scalp Massage

A simple scalp massage has some amazing powers! It involves gently rubbing and kneading the scalp. And this deeply therapeutic practice not only has physical benefits for your hair and scalp but is also great for your mental well-being.


Blood Circulation (again!)

Just like scalp exfoliation, a scalp massage boosts blood flow to the hair follicles. Indeed, it’s the massaging action of a scalp exfoliation that triggers the benefits. Much in the same way, straightforward massage will help your hair follicles get the goodies they need to foster great hair growth.


Scalp Massage As A Stress Buster

Make no mistake about it, when we’re stressed or anxious, our hair often pays a heavy price. Stress can trigger a loss of appetite, a bad diet, or hormonal issues, all of which have been linked with hair thinning or hair fall. Destressing is very important in maintaining hair and scalp health, and a scalp massage can be incredibly relaxing.


Stronger Hair

Regular, gentle scalp massage can have a direct positive effect on hair strength. Various studies have indicated that the process can strengthen the hair follicles. It’s thought that the gentle stretching of the follicles stimulates them to become thicker, making them more resilient while boosting overall health and appearance.


Performing A Scalp Massage

Nothing could be simpler than a scalp massage, and you can use a specialised scalp massaging tool or just use your fingers (or get your partner to do it!). Here are some great techniques:


Finger Massage

Using your fingertips, gently press and knead the scalp in small, circular motions. Start at the front of the scalp and work towards the back. Take a few minutes to massage each part of the scalp, and don’t forget to massage your temples too, as that will help relieve tension and boost blood flow even more.


Using A Scalp Massager 

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We recommend only using a manual scalp massager. While electric scalp massagers can be convenient and avoid tired hands and fingers, if misused they can exert excessive pressure on the scalp and follicles, which can cause damage. Using a handheld, ergonomically designed tool like our Hair Gain Scalp Massager will allow you to gently and safely perform a fantastic scalp massage. Simply work the massager in small, circular motions over the entire area, working from front to back just like a finger massage, but without the tired fingers at the end! You can do scalp massages as often as you like – but it’s an amazingly beneficial way to relax in just a few minutes.


Scalp Exfoliation And Scalp Massage: Final Thoughts


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Incorporating scalp exfoliation and scalp massage into your hair care regimen are brilliant ways to maintain a healthy scalp and promote hair growth. But for the best results, these practices need to be part of a holistic hair care routine. Scientifically formulated with a blend of key hair vitamins, minerals, and the signature ingredient AnaGain™, incorporating Hair Gain Hair Capsules and Hair Gummies into your daily routine will promote healthy hair growth and fight hair loss. Meanwhile, show your locks the love they need on the outside with Hair Gain’s terrific topicals - Hair Gain Hair Mask, Scalp Foam and our new Peptide Puff™ dry shampoo.


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